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Celestion Presents an Interview with Jay Peabody, Founder of Loudspeakers Plus

Genoa, IL, USA (June 3, 2024)Loudspeakers Plus, a leading supplier of loudspeaker components to music dealers across the United States, has carved a unique niche in the industry by providing a one-stop shop for replacement and repair parts for major loudspeaker brands. With 25 years of experience, founder and CEO Jay Peabody credits the company’s success to its commitment to delivering the right products at the right prices, combined with exceptional customer service.

In an exclusive interview with Celestion, Jay Peabody discussed the origins of Loudspeakers Plus, the secrets to great customer service, technological advancements in the speaker industry, and the company’s future outlook.

Peabody’s journey into the audio industry began through a combination of experiences in mass communications, music performance, and working for a microphone connectors company before founding Loudspeakers Plus in 1999. Since then, the company has become a trusted partner for music retailers, speaker designers, musicians, DJs, PA companies, and installers, offering a wide range of speaker parts and components for various applications.

“Loudspeakers Plus will not only help provide the original speaker parts that you need to design or build something, but we’ll also help replace and service them to get up and running fast,” says Peabody. “If we can’t help you, we’ll direct you to who you need to speak with.”

Reflecting on the company’s philosophy, Peabody emphasized the importance of customer-centricity and personal connections in an era increasingly dominated by digital interactions. He highlighted Loudspeakers Plus’ hands-on approach to customer service, where every team member is empowered to assist customers promptly and effectively.

“Everyone in our company can be consulted to a point and do other things, outside of their job description to help customers, whatever it takes,” he adds.

Regarding technological advancements in the industry, Peabody discussed the evolution of speaker components and the impact of materials, acoustics, and design on speaker performance. He noted innovations such as neodymium magnets and advancements in acoustic cabinet design as key contributors to improved speaker quality and performance.

“The basic physics of speakers hasn’t changed much, but the technology and materials, and the understanding of acoustics and acoustic design have changed considerably,” says Peabody. “Those advancements have made speakers basically unrecognizable from products even 20 or 30 years ago, let alone 100 years ago.”

When asked about his proudest accomplishment, Peabody expressed pride in earning the trust and respect of customers over the years, citing long-term relationships built on reliability and support.

“We’ve built relationships where people can really rely on us and not just when they need something in an emergency,” he says.” Of course, we come through in those moments, but I’m also talking about the day-to-day whether they’re planning a club install or getting a back line ready for a tour, they know who to call.”

He also shared insights into Loudspeakers Plus’ company culture, characterized by a willingness to go above and beyond to meet customer needs.

“My philosophy is when someone asks you if you can do something, you’ll say ‘Yes, I can do it.’ If you can’t do it personally, you talk to another team member, and they’ll help you,” he adds.

Looking ahead, Peabody discussed Loudspeakers Plus’ resilience as a small business, poised to adapt quickly to industry changes and customer demands. He emphasized the importance of customer relationships and referrals in driving the company’s growth and success.

“I can’t tell you how many phone calls we get that start with ‘I talked to someone and they said you could help,” he says. “In most cases, this is the start of a relationship that we’ll have for years to come.”

In closing, Peabody expressed gratitude for the longstanding partnership with Celestion, highlighting the recent 100th Anniversary Celebration at NAMM as a testament to collaborative success and shared achievements within the industry.

“We’ve already done the work to be successful and it was just about celebrating how we got to where we are through working together. Celestion’s 100th Anniversary Celebration is one of those times I’ll think back on and fondly remember.”

Read the full interview with Jay Peabody here on the Celestion Speakerworld blog.

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