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dBTechnologies Expands the Flagship VIO Series with the Debut of VIO-X300 Premium Point Source Loudspeaker Series

Orlando, FL (June 07, 2023) — At InfoComm 2023, sound reinforcement solutions leader dBTechnologies is proud to debut the newest crown jewels in its VIO-X family of powered P.A. loudspeakers: the VIO-X310 and VIO X-315.

As the first three-way active speakers in the VIO-X line, they combine precise time-alignment, internal DSP, and a virtually bottomless well of amplifier power to rival the clarity and projection of systems that are heavier, more complex, and more costly.

The MF-HF coaxial component mounted in both VIO X310 and VIO X315 utilize the same transducer used in the widely successful VIO L1610 line array module: it’s a 4” voice coil plus 2.5” voice coil coaxial driver, an incredible heavy-duty and high-fidelity transducer reproducing from 500Hz up. When it comes down to detailed mid-range reproduction, a compression driver diaphragm is much quicker and more accurate than a similar sized woofer. Furthermore, because of the compact dimensions, this content can be easily dispersed through a horn, just like you would do with an HF driver, for improved control over the sonic pattern. These characteristics result in an incredibly faithful and meticulous reproduction of the most critical frequency range, essential for clear-cut intelligible vocals and instrument separation in your mix. The sum of all these clever acoustic choices combined with dBTech’s 4th generation DigiPro class-D amplifiers and DSP processing result in remarkable sound pressure levels, as high as 138dB.

The VIO-X310 delivers low frequencies using dual 10-inch woofers mounted on either side of the midrange-treble assembly in a dipole configuration. The coaxial midrange and treble drivers are placed behind a 90- by 40-degree rotatable horn.

The VIO-X315 features a single 15-inch woofer and the same coaxial midrange-treble drivers mounted in a 90- by 50-degree horn, which is tilted slightly downward to optimize coverage in venues such as nightclubs and small to medium-sized halls and theatres. The extended bass response of the VIO-X315 (as low as 34Hz at -6dB) means it will deliver an engaging, full-range, musical experience even without subwoofers.

Both VIO-X300 models can be flown using optional accessories and are built to stand up to outdoor use and the punishment of touring.

The VIOX series is equipped with a 4 channel 1400W RMS Class-D DigiPro G4 power amplifier with power factor correction built for extreme demands. Each component is powered individually, with dedicated FIR filters for the low, mid and high frequency bands.

This 4-channel amp has been specially designed for VIO X3 series and allows for complete networkability via Aurora Net thanks to RDNet ports. A modular card slot is ready for future I/O and remote-control upgrades.

“We are very excited about our coaxial midrange-tweeter assembly,” says Marco Cantalù, Senior Applications Engineer at dBTechnologies. “It allows for very high SPL but with unprecedented clarity and intelligibility, all the way down to 500Hz where the woofer takes over. This was simply not possible in the past — not in such a lightweight and compact cabinet. If your band, venue, church, or other application was in this challenging place where a line array was too much, but conventional column speakers were too little, we think the VIO-X300 speakers may be your ‘Goldilocks’ solution and we can’t wait for you to hear them.”

See and hear the new VIO-X310 and VIO-X315 at booth 5775 and Audio Demo Room # W232C at InfoComm, held at the Orange County Convention Center June 14-16 in Orlando, Florida.

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