Real Name Policy

You must have your real name set as your login to post in this forum. This is a professional forum and users are expected to stand behind what they write.

If you have not done this, click here and fill in the form to update your first and last name. The next time you log in you will therefore need to put your real name as entered for your user name, i.e. "Bennett Prescott". Spaces and other special characters seem to be OK, maximum length is 30 characters.

By real name I mean what someone might write on a letter to address it to you. If everyone calls you Ben, then "Ben Lastname" is fine, even if your mother calls you Benjamin. If a close friend would have to think to remember what your legal name is, then your nickname is fine. If you have used your middle name essentially your entire life because your first name is Clifford or something else ridiculous, that's fine too. Otherwise, indicate your nickname like Frank "Loogie" Zappa or similar if you like. "Frank Z." is not acceptable. "frankzappa" is discouraged.
Even if you use the name VCAMaster everywhere else on the Internet, you may not use it here.