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    My todays purchases - newbie

    Sony MDR7506 are quite good, but more than $50. The website below has actual measurements to compare different types of headsets, you can choose based on the parameters most important for your use: Art
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    CLOSED. Suggestions for microphones

    May your 3-D printing go smoothly, and good luck finding that fruit bear!
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    CLOSED. Suggestions for microphones

    Glenn, you may have already read this, but if not, it explains why you still will have little chance of success, even if a creature smart enough to escape detection was also stupid enough to clumsily break branches, which would result in high frequency impulse noise...
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    Balanced signal to 3.5mm motherboard connection

    Arthur, If your motherboard connection is not balenced, but is the typical Left and Right input, and the XLR to TRS (Tip Ring Sleeve) adapter connects pin 1 to Sleeve/Shield/-, pin 2 to Tip (Left), and Pin 3 to Ring (Right) the polarity is reversed between the Tip and Ring. If the Tip feeds...
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    Help needed in resolving mudiness & resonant frequencies

    Craig, Listening to your voice it sounds to me that the "pronounced resonant frequencies" are simply a result of the proximity effect (bass boost) from using a typical cardioid microphone at a close range. A simple inverse curve can reduce that bass boost, though the interaction of the proximic...
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    Detailed sound speaker.

    Yosef, Headphones largely eliminate room ambience from the listening experience, and the MDR 7506 have very flat phase and magnitude response. Speakers that have flat phase and magnitude response and emulate a single point source, such as co-axial or multiple entry horns will bring you closer...
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    Improve loudness on Samson SR950

    The MA400 has 10dBU (2.5 volt) output, 60mw in to a 100 ohm load. The FIFINE N6 has 16dBU (4.9 volt) output, but does not specify the load impedance. It may, or may not have 6dB more output potential in to your headphone impedance, depending on it's current limiting, but the power supply being...
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    Improve loudness on Samson SR950

    I think the Sony MDR 7506 hold up well for music of all types, but have no idea if there are new technologies/multiple transducers used for surround sound. I would prefer to use a neutral set of phones and add bass with EQ if desired, rather than have a "bass heavy" set of phones. This website...
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    Improve loudness on Samson SR950

    Aditya, To avoid potentially making people deaf, it appears the level the Behringer MA400 provides is probably going to be about as much as you can expect from most headphone amps with your phones. That said, your 32 ohm Sampson SR950 phones are only 96dB at 1mw, so with 40mw max out at around...
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    Improve loudness on Samson SR950

    The Behringer MA400 has 60mw in to a 100 ohm load, 20mw more than the HA400. The M Audio claims approximately 250mw at 16 ohms, which probably puts it around the HA400 level, if the output halves for each doubling of impedance. Based on only the current draw, the Mackie HM4 would probably...
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    Improve loudness on Samson SR950

    I didn't notice that you had provided links, but most of them had little information to go on. You might search further for manuals or comparative reviews. HA400MKII Max output level: +22dB (dB what?) Aokeo AMP-400- no output specifications Sound Blaster PLAY! 3- no output specifications Bass...
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    Improve loudness on Samson SR950

    The Behringer MA400 lists output at approx. +10 dBu (60 mW) @ 100 Ω load, output may not be might be as loud as you'd like, but probably better than the computer. The FiiO A1 looks like a power amp optimized for 4 ohms, not what you want. Post the specs on the rest, and I'll give you an opinion...
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    Improve loudness on Samson SR950

    Since you have no issue with the sound quality from your PC motherboard, simply using a headphone amp should be fine. They are optimized for the higher impedance of headphones, while a "full size amp" is usually optimized for lower impedance. I remember the peak reading VU meters on a Yamaha...
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    Peavey IPS 150 Static

    Don't know if the noise is a common problem, but the "impedance selector switch" is an unusual feature- might try cleaning it and switching it multiple times. The manual says only do that when the amp is off, and also mentions a slight offset from center position can cause various problems...
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    Bass wedge IEM etc

    Thank you Chris! Art