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    Fed up..

    Hello, Really pissing me off that almost anywhere I go, there's someone asking me for "donations", panhandling, or just being an ass: Parents, take some classes in child care, child development, or Parenting skills. How do you not understand that by screaming at your kid in a...
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    I wish....

    Hello, Another rant. I wish these Audio gear manufacturers would stop advertising gear that's not even available. I'm not talking about prototypes or feelers at trade shows, I'm talking about real Advertisements in trade magazines. Hammer
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    Rest in Peace...Marty Bilecki.

    Sorry to say.... that Marty Bilecki had passed away last night. It is reported that Marty had died of a Heart attack during last night's gig. Marty was a fun loving, hard working, easy-going guy that loved anything in regards to Audio. He will be missed by Friends and Family. So...
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    Happy Labor Day!

    Hmmm, first in years that I didn't work...(i hope it's a growing trend) Happy Labor Day to Everyone. I hope that whether it's between set changes, or putting another steak on the grill while you're sipping your favorite beverage, that you take a minute of time to remember what this Holiday...
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    Terrible Show/Great Show

    Hello, Saw Spyro Gyra and Fourplay's Show a couple of days ago. Spyro was the warm-up act, and they were "rusty", not like I remembered them from the past... and well, not all of the musicians played so badly.... The Sax player and Drummer were really good, they played with...
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    Still no product?...RANT

    Hello, Some of you may know I have a low tolerance for B.S., and, have a bit of a temper. So...I can't decide if I'm handling this situation "very well"....or, ignoring the nagging feeling I have that I'm handling it poorly.... About the middle of this past May, I placed an order...
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    What IS this ?

    A deer's face, a dogs' body and Kangaroo's back legs... Watch at 00:45 seconds Hammer ps. deer don't eat meat.
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    Bennett having fun?

    Hello, This is what Sound guys do on their days off... Cheers, Hammer It's not forwarding??
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    Team People...

    Hello, I got a call from Team People (out of Virginia), they want me to produce some commercials. Anyone have any experience with this Company? Good/Bad comments? Thanks.. Hammer
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    Chrysler paid....

    Hello, I was so happy to hear at the Corporate Show/Press Conference that Chrysler has repaid their Government's Loans....and, SIX YEARS Earlier than scheduled..too Once again makes a case that Engineers, Designers, and hard fought Business Degree recipients of the "lesser"...
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    Going back to the Movies

    Arnold Schwarzenegger as....the "Inseminator"! Upcoming best Movie line..."ooops"
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    Life on the Road with All Time Low

    Thanks for your reply Dan. Tell Evan I said Hello. I wish I were in Michigan so that I could come down and see the Show tonight. How many people on your crew currently...including Band Members? Hammer
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    Life on the Road with All Time Low

    Hello Evan, I'd like to know, how many In-ear mixes does your ME provide for the group? Does he have different mixes programmed for different pieces / types of music....such as ballads v/s upbeat, rock tunes? How many channels in total for guitars, including DI and mic'd ...