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    Some questions about local live performances

    Local live shows tend to be a bit more up close and personal proximity to the crowd. What I hear happen so many times is the soundman tries to overcome the stage wash with level. I turn off the house and listen to the stage, and I reduce that range from the house. You don't want to add to it...
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    Messing with some subs

    I am not seeing anything in your posts. I am JV but . . .
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    Mic stand caddy

    A few years ago I was raking my yard and it hit me. I find it works great. I've had all kinds of cases and job boxes over the years and they all had issues. Mainly the box weighed more than the contents and together it was insane to move by yourself. It is a compact way to store, move, and...
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    Actually MIXING on a tablet/ipad

    Re: Actually MIXING on a tablet/ipad I like tablet and Surface mixing live. Still very fond of hard faders that move. Still cooler to show people than preset recalls on a tablet. But I like mixing on touch screens so much that I jumped in with both panels, so to speak.
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    There is a new rack mounted digital mixer in town

    Yadda yadda yadda. And it is like nothing before it. Hey I have a bridge for sale. it is nothing like the new Presonus SL32RM, or the SMPro UMIX, and nothing like the year old X32 Rack, this is all new Presonus and Mackie are going bigger when...
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    Truck Graphics~To do or not to do?

    Re: Truck Graphics~To do or not to do? Here is what I am using; so far no issues.