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    For you Star Trek fans out there

    Capt. Kirk and company "enjoy" som "classics":
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    Just for fun, mixing timelapse

    It's interesting to see oneself mixing in a timelapse like this. The video shows me mixing a 2-hour musical at a youth summer camp, condensed into two minutes. Perhaps the video is fun for someone else, also :)
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    Looking for new ideas for routing foldback signals, theatre/musical, etc.

    Hi all. When letting the band hear the wireless mics in their foldback, just using the typical method of tapping all the wireless channels into whatever wedges/ears via AUXes often leaves the solos at a good Level, but makes the choruses where everybody chimes in too powerful. I sometimes...
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    A picture can say more than a thousand words...

    Both for good and bad. I came across this randomly. Many great photos, some with captions, some without any back story. A lot of them truly touching. The 60 Most Powerful Photos Ever Taken That Perfectly Capture The Human Experience
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    I'm hoping you'll like the Youtube video I just posted online!

    Hi guys. I typically don't post the same things in more than one forum, but I'm so proud I could burst, so here goes! :D I have finally had the kit and time to make something I have dreamed up for a while now: A short film depicting the role of technnicians and providers in a small music...
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    Networking wireless receivers and transmitters (control data only, no digital audio)

    Hi guys. Looking for some input now that I'm just getting started in the process of networking my company's wireless gear. We are talking about UHF-R receivers and ULX-D receivers as well as Sennheiser EW 300 G3 receivers and EW 300 IEM G3 transmitters. The plan of attack so far is: 1)...
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    Paralleling DC voltages to/from wireless mic reciever. Should I worry?

    hey guys, looking for some opinions on this: Here's the deal: Sennheiser EW 300 G3 receivers. They can be DC fed via a "wall wart" PSU feeding DC into a dedicated jack on the back of the unit. They can also receive their DC voltage via the BNC antenna connections, typically from an antenna...
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    Clever way to interconnect networked devices?

    I have ever heard mention of this in a pro audio setting before, so here goes: I was browsing at a consumer electronics store and saw network routers made specifically to use the power cables in a house to interconnect devices in the house on one network. First of all, it left me with the...
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    Combining many devices on one network

    Provided one is willing to put all one's bets on one horse: How feasible is it to run several computers at FOH, connected to several types of gear close to stage, over one network cable between the two locations? Many companies are starting to use more and more gear that has RJ45 ports for one...
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    Alexander Graham Bell recording played back for the first time

    How cool is this? Alexander Graham Bell speaks from the 1880s: 'Oh no!' - YouTube
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    If you like "first-person" games...'ll probably like this short film. Lots of violence, so not family safe at all. This Amazing First-Person Short Film Is Like Mirror's Edge Meets Reservoir Dogs
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    Re: PUNishment....... Special for you, Dick!
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    Anyone own and/or use QSC CSM-monitors.

    Wow. These look amazing with the variable angle feet, adjustable dispersion, semingly true pro specs AND a pole mount. But pricy by the time the whole package is aquired with PL380s, black box DSP, etc, etc. Any real-life experiences out there? QSC - Concert Stage Monitor Systems Edit...
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    Does this product exist?

    Self-powered loudspeakers with Dante input?
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    X16 Preview

    Re: X16 Preview Not the X16, but things are happening. NAMM could be interesting for those into the new Behringer digital products: