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    4'' or 5'' coax front fill

    Fulcrum RX599 is not DIY and is passive so perhaps a little off of what you were thinking, but seems like it would be a perfect little front fill. Pretty uniform off axis except a dip at 8kHz. It won’t be at its best without a DSP that is capable of their level 1 presets but will still sound...
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    M7CL48 - South Dakota

    Console is in used but very good condition. This is from a church. It was never moved from the place it was installed. No road case. Console is in used but very good condition. Everything works as it should. $4700 OBO. Shipping should be around 300 give or take.
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    An old project, newly found, on a sad day

    Thanks for the trip down memory lane Phil. I had a good time building this box. Thanks so much for designing it...I had planned to build a pair of simple ported boxes with mid level drivers but you made it much more interesting. I wish I'd had some measurement chops and gear and I would have...
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    Small-ish Home Theater Subwoofer

    Re: Small-ish Home Theater Subwoofer Bennett, So did you ever do anything with this? That looks like it would be a totally cool and fun project. Those should give plenty of extra bass to round out almost all music listening in the LF when your main speakers have 4" woofers. I would think...
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    Yorkville E12 intermittent HF?

    I have 2 of 4 yorkville E12's that go in and out on the horn. This is independent of level so it's not the "protection" kicking in due to excess power. I thought it was a bad contact on the 1/4" jack. Switching to speakon inputs made no difference though. It seems that moving the cable sometimes...
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    MD-421 on baby grand

    Re: MD-421 on baby grand Here is a pic.
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    MD-421 on baby grand

    Hi, Just wanted to pass this on. I'm sure most here may already have experience with this technique but I tried it tonight for the first time. As per some recommendations on line I mic'd our church's baby grand with a single Senn MD-421, lid on stick, mic pointed directly at the undersurface of...
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    System tuning with minimal tools (and skills)

    Perhaps this has been discussed but I didn't find it on a search. My only tool for "measuring" the output of the PA at church is StudioSix Digital's RTA software for iphone/ipad. With that as the only tool my method has been to put the RTA on "average" and walk the room back and forth and side...
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    Sub box construction question?

    Hello DIY pro audio speaker cabinet builders. I have a simple construction question. I am building a cabinet with multiple panels inside that are part of the cabinet design. These internal panels have been attached to the bottom of the cabinet with glue and pocket screws. I will do the same...
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    16 Channel Rackmount Mixer (MixWiz vs Soundcraft GB2R), Cheap DSP

    Hi all, We will be putting together some upgrades to a small portable system to be used in our church. We are going to need a rackmountable 16 channel mixer and a DSP. For the mixer I had been planning on A&H MixWiz3 16:2, but also have seen the Soundcraft GB2R 16, and Mackie Onyx 1640. The...
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    Effect of a change in gain to subs?

    Hi, Quick theoretical question. In a system with a traditional left and right sub, each driven off of a separate output of the DSP and therefore each with its own amp, what will be the effect in terms of acoustic output of decreasing the DSP output to each of the subs by 3 db? Will it be a 3...
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    What is this sub array likely doing?

    I'm curious about the sub array deployed at a concert I was at last night. I have read some of the sub array stuff like Bennett's article and a few other things. I think I understand some of the basic sub array types but I was just curious about this one. Not that I have deployed any...
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    How much does orientation of sub cabinets matter?

    I am reluctant to post this for fear of exposing my considerable ignorance and inexperience, but here goes anyway. How much difference should it make if the woofer and port on a direct radiating sub cabinet are pointing 90 degrees off to the side as opposed to firing straight forward. In this...
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    Sub Amp? 1 large amp or 2 smaller amps.

    What is the best way to power 4 x 8 ohm sub cabinets (front-loaded reflex cabs each loaded with an RCF LF21N451--1500 watts rms, 3000 watts program). At the time of building them modeling suggested that an amp that could provide power in the range of 120v per cabinet would be appropriate. Cost...
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    FIR filters for home theater room EQ

    Hi,Just curious what you pros think of the theory of this. I just bought a denon HT receiver with Audyssey MultEQ room correction DSP built in. Apparently it uses fir filters for both time and frequency domain correction. You measure at 6 locations around the prime listening position while it...