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    60 Degree DIY Mid Hi - AKA PM60

    Thank you Peter.
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    60 Degree DIY Mid Hi - AKA PM60

    Peters design is not the first box ever made with similar performance. OHM HDMH box is like 15 years old at least. Our M28LA line array box was released in February 2014. Check this topic starting date. If you use that analogy, every reflex box ever made is a copy? And they should all be pretty...
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    Double 10 and Horn

    I think you know someone that has such box that is very competitively priced.
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    60 Degree DIY Mid Hi - AKA PM60

    How is the Henessy design even remotely similar to the PM60? Beside the fact that is it a MTM horn loaded design, there are several significant diffrences.
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    Scoping Adamson 2 top + 2 sub PA

    Adamson is as far as i know even more expencive then Meyer and D&B. 20K will not buy you much.
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    4X8" DIY Mid-High

    So 4 kilograms are a deal breaker to you? That cabinet will probably weight about 30 kilos. So 30kg vs 34kg is a big deal to you?
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    New DIY Mid High (90deg) - AKA PM90

    Andy, differences between dsp units are normal. But that still does not explain that dip between hf and vhf. I am extensively using 4592 which is not that different from 4594 and i get to this response with very little eq
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    Lacoustics arcs wide

    Might be the wrong part of the forum, but surely i dont see it in the varsity. Does anyone have a response measurements of the arcs wide?
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    This guy is restless!

    A little quote from the article. "Sound is very simple; if you think about your ears, they're just a flap of skin that moves backwards and forwards at different speeds to give us different frequencies. It's a compression and expansion of particles, it's that simple – so why are speakers not...
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    Sound of Honda :-)

    Sound of Honda - Ayrton Senna 1989 - - YouTube
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    LA people i need some help

    So please respond if you like.
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    5K$ anyone?

    ATTENTION ALL SPEAKER MANUFACTURES!!!! Canadian Speaker Works will be running our shoot out again this summer 6 of your subs vs 6 of ours.. this will take place In Brampton, Ont Canada this summer $5,000.00 Bet winner take all.. Home - Canadian Speaker Works Pro...
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    JBL SRX725 passive eq settings

    Anyone have the recommended passive dsp settings? Ones at the JBL site are all for biamp.
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    Roadie :-)

    The Roadie with Danny McBride - YouTube
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    Yet another X32 thread.

    Guys, can you open a X32 subforum or whatever? This is becoming very annoying with all those X32 topics. Not all or us care that much about it.