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    60 Degree DIY Mid Hi - AKA PM60

    You're totally right! It still fits, but it's tighter than I thought it was. The bounding box has a clearance of about 1 cm, but the actual clearance will be greater due to the shape of the DCX heatsink. I'm at the beach so I don't have the tools on hand to model it exactly. The xvar is only...
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    New DIY Mid High (90deg) - AKA PM90

    Carl, Congratulations on an awesome new tool! I did the design with a single 1/4" straight flute end mill in mind way back in 2016. Be sure that you have either a stiff frame with powerful motors or that your spindle speed is pretty low. You can burn through bits pretty easily when cutting...
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    60 Degree DIY Mid Hi - AKA PM60

    Peter could probably comment on whether or not they fit as far as actually putting them in the cabinet goes. As far as the drawing, the purple rectangle shown here is the bounding box for the DCX464. It will most definitely fit within the available space. Please note that this requires the...
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    B&C speaker builds some common questions

    Fatigue while listening at 90+ dB? No.... never....
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    Behringer WING console

    We know all about the Behringer Wing, but has anyone heard anything about the Midas Ming?
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    Double 10 and Horn

    Welcome to my least favorite enclosure element to model - the slot horn. Pretty much nothing sims right and you've got to do real world testing anyway.
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    [Article] Audio FIR Filtering

    You know, it's almost painful to see a good three semesters of my degree summarized on one page. There's an important thing that I'd like to hammer home about the FIR process. The ability to arbitrarily design a FIR filter's response is the key takeaway here. While a FIR filter may never be...
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    Help choosing temporary replacement for these two speakers?

    They look to be wired in parallel, actually. You should be able to put in any 16 ohm 12" driver of reasonable quality.
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    PM 60 & 90 settings and alternative drivers.

    How is the process for setting the limiter, and how good of a job do you think it realistically does?
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    Digico SD Series CG Spill

    I still want an answer.
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    DIY DSP Solutions

    At that price point, we're well into the professional market. Defeats the purpose. Plus I only need 2 in 2 out.
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    Digico SD Series CG Spill

    I want to know why CG spill is still not an implemented feature on the SD series. I know and understand that it's implementable as a separate set spill or as a macro, but literally every other manufacturer got with the program and has DCA or VCA from the strip without complicated setup. I've got...
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    Best Powered Speaker?

    Never forget about the TT series which kicks butt and comes in at the highest price bracket within reason.
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    DIY DSP Solutions

    The linea-research devices are top of the line. I had a brief chance to talk with Ben Ver at NAMM this year, but he got a call from his wife (I think?) and I never got back around to his booth. It's got almost every feature I'd like, especially if you go with the full amplification solution...
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    DIY DSP Solutions

    I saw that, but I'm really looking to do FIR taps for this project.