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  • Hello Peter. As you might have read in the DIY90 thread, I created a 3D model based on the plans from Max Warasila. I would share the Fusion 360 and dxf files of the assembled model and the flatpacks with everybody on the thread, but just with your permission. Would you be okay with that?
    regards Jami
    Hello Peter, my name is Juri Ebel, i come from Germany and i am making speaker cabinets.
    I received an inquiry about the PM90 housing you developed. A customer wants me to build it. Do you agree if I use your drawings and offer the housings?
    Please reply to [email protected]
    Best regards Juri
    Hi Peter,

    I'm interested in your 2way speakerbox "new diy mid high". Is it possible to get a drowning of it?
    I'm just a hobbyst.


    Hi Peter,

    Thanks for sharing tons of stellar work and support to the DIY community.

    Hope youre enjoying the holiday season.

    Hi Peter,
    Thankyou for the excellent effort in the design of the 60 degree ( and 90 ) speaker on a stick.
    I have the pleasure of helping the local school with events and would like to build the speakers for events on the school field ( fireworks night etc. )
    I have a couple of questions if you dont mind.
    I have some BMS 12n620 laying unused from another project. Do you think that they may work as a substitute for the 12" driver or does it compromise the design. I would hate to waste the effort you have put in with a less than optimal driver choice.

    I am talking with my local (UK ) BMS dealer about the possibility of upgrading my existing 4 BMS coax's to the 4594 HE variant.

    May I please have a copy of the cad file so I can use my local CNC guy ?

    I look forward to hearing from you.
    My best regards
    Hi Peter,
    do you happen to have a link to the guy in Birmingham who built and measured your 212 DIY cabs by any chance?
    I am quite interested in this little box hence would like to get my ears on one asap..
    Peter from NL unfortunately cant demo them atm due to storage/noise issues so i guess my best bet is the one in Birmingham unless you are aware of any other builts in central Europe?

    Thanks in advance and kind regards
    Hi Peter,
    greetings from Germany. I'm in the market for new speakers and I found your amazing DIY 90° project here in the forum. Your design brings all that to the table, what I would like to see in a box that I would need for a fix install.

    In addition I'm an author for a German pro audio magazine ( http://www.tools4music.de ) and I just spoke with my chief editor about your design. He came up with the idea: "why not to write a story about building this box?"
    That's why I would like to ask you, if you would be cool with that, if we feature your design in our magazine?

    To be honest, I would like to try a different HF driver. BMS driver are very expensive over here, so I would like to go with the RCF ND950 oh the HF950 instead (I could get the ND950 for 170,- Euro). I has a 4" voice coil and should be able to go as low as the BMS. I would like to install your DIY 90° in a 300pax rock venue, that is run by a friendly society, so budget is always a problem. My idea is to build the box, do the measurements and write a story about it...with all the fails and pittfalls I might stumble into:-)
    Tools4Music has NTIi FX100 measurement system and my speaker controller Kung Fu is quite strong, so I have high hopes to get this thing working.
    What do you think about it?

    Best wishes
    Christian Boche
    Peter ... where-abouts in Australia are you? How are you involved in sound? Just interested.

    Neale Watson
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