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    DIY DSP Solutions

    If it's just balanced I/O you're after, there is a balanced version of the Minidsp. Although the webpage claims IIR only, the manual has information on how to load custom biquad filters.
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    Most bulletproof off the shelf wallplate 10k volume control

    What's the intended application? Any chance you could use up/down buttons, or an encoder instead? (things with hard stops don't generally take abuse well)
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    Seeking recommendations for 15" Active PA speakers

    Also, what sort of I/O do you need on the box? For dry-hire boxes, mic inputs and level controls are handy, but you may not need (or want) that if you're always using these with a console, for example.
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    Passive crossover design

    There's quite a bit of information on the fundamentals freely available online (RLC filters are covered in most electrical engineering degree programs), although many of the calculators for passive filters are targeted at RF applications (where active options are far fewer, and the component...
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    Help with old record player

    Some older home audio gear did use RCA connectors for speaker outputs (generally in the "several watt" range), so in that case, the center pin would be + and the ring would be -. It won't be loud, but it should be listenable
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    My Sennheiser ew100 intermittently cuts out on me while performing

    What frequency range is your wireless microphone in (it should be printed on the back of the receiver, or on the product label inside the battery compartment of the microphone)? The legal frequencies for wireless microphones have changed dramatically in the past 9 years, and there's a good...
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    EWI Utility Trunk

    I've used those style cases, and for cables, I strongly prefer something with 4 wheels. Those 2-wheeled cases like to tip off their wheels on rough surfaces, and you end up having to lift half the weight of the case and contents even if it doesn't tip.
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    Sending LTC over XLR

    You biggest headache specific to LTC over that long a run is likely going to be HF rolloff caused by cable capacitance. LTC wants a -3dB point on the link of about 14khz, which may be difficult to achieve with shielded wire over that distance. For reference, on a 500m cable, this will require...
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    Speaker Foam

    Pretty sure that air filter foam is the same stuff - you might try McMaster for a sample
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    Construction curved loudspeakers

    The SM-LPM appears to have the back and bottom walls joined by a curve (with flat end caps), in addition to the molded horn.
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    Construction curved loudspeakers

    One of the standard methods is kerf bending
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    Mic Cable (bulk/spool)

    Canare L-4E6S
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    Drum Loom cable lengths?

    I'm with Riley on this - 10-15' cables cover the bulk of the kit with a couple of 25' cables for stuff that's further away (such as overheads). OTOH, I don't usually use a drum loom with the stuff I do (too much variability), and I typically land a stage box either immediately upstage of the...
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    Low Rumble feedback

    How windy was it?
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    Gear Hauler; Pick-Up Truck VS mini Cargo Van

    I use a Nissan NV200 (the Nissan "city van") on occasion, and it fits a surprising amount of gear. The cargo floor on all the small vans is pretty low (certainly lower than on a full-size van), making it easier to load/unload gear without a ramp, and headroom isn't noticeably worse than on the...
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    Interconnects colour coding

    The EIA color code is the closest there is to a standard, but it's far from universal. For example, neither Hosa nor Whirlwind follow it on their standard products (using printed numbers and group coloring instead). And Belden lists no fewer than 9 different wire color codes in their catalog (...
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    Question regarding an audio recording setup i have in mind

    Not quite. While it is true that you do need a barrier (and a lack of air paths) to provide acoustical isolation, adding absorption to the "noisy" side of the barrier does provide additional improvement (above and beyond the simple sum of the isolation provided by each of the barrier and...
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    NEED HELP to name this sound

    I'll agree that the lack of background noise is interesting, and would tend to indicate that the surrounding environment is relatively quiet, and that the recording mic was relatively close to the source. It's also too long of a cycle time to be any sort of high-speed production machine. The...
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    Industry standard outdoor architectural lights

    Color Kinetics comes to mind. (and not just because they are my employer) Other companies that have stuff are Lumenpulse, Martin, and the architectural arms of Elation and Chauvet (whose names escape me).
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    Challenge: quiet VIP speaker

    There's no magic bullet here that I've run across. The CCM41 in particular is a pretty well-behaved mic, with an appropriately tight pattern for this application, and I'm not convinced that simply swapping out the mic with something else will give you better results. Assuming that the person...