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    Audiolabs of Georgia

    As it is hard to break a Lab.gruppen device, there aren't many Service Centers around to fix them and unfortunately for both of us, we are located a zillion miles away to have your PLM sent in for service. Music Group is sort of "new" to Lab.gruppen service process, but their CARE network could...
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    PM5d won't boot

    Yamaha PM5D and M7CL Main CPU uses I2C data protocol to communicate with other MCUs in different control surfaces. This is a common Data Bus line for all the surfaces and peripherals so, if one of the surfaces has issues initializing firmware and flags this Data Bus as "Busy" while trying to...
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    Crown Xti2000 firmware

    Hi Marcel Jansen. I've serviced this XTi platform for years and all sort of Firmware odds and bugs during boot up process came in a vast majority from corroded cooper traces or drills around the CPU or DSP ICs. Moisture/dew coming in from front grille (condensation in some cases), can destroy...