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  1. Klaus Zimmermann

    [WTB] Meyersound LD-2

    Only LD-2 in working condition -TX! Please PM ?
  2. Klaus Zimmermann

    [WTB] Meyer Sound LD-2 line driver

    looking for a Meyer Sound LD-2 line driver - i know... TX!
  3. Klaus Zimmermann

    Starvanger Collapse - Norway

    sorry to intercept: @Norwegian guys here: any1 involved in the Starvanger Collapse ( i hope NOT )?
  4. Klaus Zimmermann

    OSX users: looking for RXTX***.jar

    title says enough - i hope. looking for a file for OSX 10.6 starting with RXTX and .jar ending, with something in between. have seen several website with code, but i'm not firm in compiling my own stuff.:blush: any ideas or if you do have thus file, please email [email protected] TX for all your help.
  5. Klaus Zimmermann

    ProLight & Sound Frankfurt/Germany

    anybody - besides eytan - going there? i'm there on thursday only!