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  1. Jordan Wolf

    Daisy Chain Conference mics

    I have used wired and wireless PTT conference systems from a few manufacturers and I really like Brahler’s tone - most of the others sound very honky, almost telephone-like.
  2. Jordan Wolf

    -20dB Tools

    I use this little gizmofrom GTC. Along with my Qbox, it’s a great problem-solver. It outputs around -50dBu, though, so you’d need a preamp to get your higher level...which reminds me: What is the reasoning behind your request? If it’s for level-setting, any source that is PFLd and set to meter...
  3. Jordan Wolf


    Re: Expression3 Gary, The Expression 3 is capable of mixing 66 inputs total, so you're still within your limits. The layers default to a standard setup of input channels (A), Stereo input & FX return channels (B), Mixes (C), and Matrices (D)...mostly; there's some crossover here and there...
  4. Jordan Wolf


    Re: Strippers!!! Some may disagree with me, but I prefer to use this style: I have become very used to feeling for when the insulation is cut through and the jaws are touching the metal wire. The key is to not just squeeze and hope the wire doesn't get cut through or knicked; there's a...
  5. Jordan Wolf

    HF Hash in State of the Union Audio

    Hey All, Is anyone else noticing the HF hash that goes in and out as the President is speaking? My wife even asked me about it...I told her it might be the monitors used for the teleprompter paddles, but it seems too high-pitched for that. Any ideas? I'm only listening on my built-in TV...
  6. Jordan Wolf

    Rane AM-/AM-2

    I'm looking to use a combination of these units in a corporate setting. If you've used them, please elaborate on your thoughts and the signal chain (standalone, post-fader Direct Outs, etc.). Thanks!
  7. Jordan Wolf

    Custom Cases

    Re: Custom Cases Well, it sure beats a guitar case...
  8. Jordan Wolf

    New Year's Eve Gigs

    Re: New Year's Eve Gigs We had a wedding ceremony/reception at the hotel I work at. There was a bit of downtime, so I got to sneak out and grab the best seat in the area for the fireworks. Penn's Landing in Philly is a great place to work this time of the year... (Pardon the small image...