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  1. Marjan Milosevic

    Lacoustics arcs wide

    Might be the wrong part of the forum, but surely i dont see it in the varsity. Does anyone have a response measurements of the arcs wide?
  2. Marjan Milosevic

    This guy is restless!

    A little quote from the article. "Sound is very simple; if you think about your ears, they're just a flap of skin that moves backwards and forwards at different speeds to give us different frequencies. It's a compression and expansion of particles, it's that simple – so why are speakers not...
  3. Marjan Milosevic

    Sound of Honda :-)

    Sound of Honda - Ayrton Senna 1989 - - YouTube
  4. Marjan Milosevic

    LA people i need some help

    So please respond if you like.
  5. Marjan Milosevic

    5K$ anyone?

    ATTENTION ALL SPEAKER MANUFACTURES!!!! Canadian Speaker Works will be running our shoot out again this summer 6 of your subs vs 6 of ours.. this will take place In Brampton, Ont Canada this summer $5,000.00 Bet winner take all.. Home - Canadian Speaker Works Pro...
  6. Marjan Milosevic

    JBL SRX725 passive eq settings

    Anyone have the recommended passive dsp settings? Ones at the JBL site are all for biamp.
  7. Marjan Milosevic

    Roadie :-)

    The Roadie with Danny McBride - YouTube
  8. Marjan Milosevic

    Yet another X32 thread.

    Guys, can you open a X32 subforum or whatever? This is becoming very annoying with all those X32 topics. Not all or us care that much about it.
  9. Marjan Milosevic

    [WTB] Jbl e 120

    A friend of my needs a bigger number of those in 8 ohms. All in good working condition. Let me know if anyone have for sale or know a source for them Ragards
  10. Marjan Milosevic

    HK Elements

    Hey, i am having a difficult time explaining to a customer here why the HK Element is not a real line array. Can you please chime in with your thinking so i can use your answers as a reference? He believes that because...
  11. Marjan Milosevic

    Any one of you from New Jersey?

    I need a favor. Thanks
  12. Marjan Milosevic