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  1. Rob Spence

    QRX212 distortion

    At a gig a few weeks ago, one of my four EV QRX212s had a high mid distortion. Changing amp channels did not change it nor (on the wild possibility of venue interaction) swapping cab with adjacent cab. Other than the odd distortion, the cabinet seemed to perform ok. So, today I opened up the...
  2. Rob Spence

    FS: QSC PL6.0 II amp

    Amp is sold. I no longer need this great amplifier as I no longer have any passive subs. This is a great amp for subs. $925 or best offer.
  3. Rob Spence

    For Sale: A&H GLD80 console. Excellent condition

    I am down sizing. I have 2 A&H GLD80 consoles and I really only need 1 these days. I am the original owner and have the original box. Reasonable offers accepted. I also have a M-Dante card for it and will include it for a very reasonable price. I need the cash now. Thanks. Sent from...
  4. Rob Spence

    A&H GLD-80 for sale

    Christmas Special! Price reduced to $2800 for the desk or $3500 for desk with M-Dante card. Must sell. My Christmas present of new subs is on the way and I need the cash. I am selling one of my GLD80s. I am the original owner. It has been cased since new and only used indoors. Just in...
  5. Rob Spence

    WTB pair of gently used TH118s

    Subject says it all (or mostly). Touring models, not install versions. Let me know.
  6. Rob Spence

    FS: A&H GLD80

    Downsizing. I don’t need two of these. I am the original owner and it has been cased since new. I don’t use it outdoors. Nothing wrong with it. Up to date with firmware. $3000 shipped CONUS If you pick it up or we meet within 3hrs of here (25mi west of Boston), I will include an SKB case...
  7. Rob Spence

    FS: Yamaha 01V96

    I find that I just am not using this mixer much any more and am starting to reduce the amount of gear I have as I get older. This is a great Swiss Army Mixer. Amazing abilities in a rack width mixer (no, I don’t have rack ears for it). It is in perfect working order and has been cased since...
  8. Rob Spence

    Opening up a ZXa5 ?

    I need to get into a EV ZXa5 but cannot figure out the fastener type. I tried a #2 Phillips but it doesn't engage. I can't see down the hole even with light the clearly see the fastener. Any help? Sent from my iPad HD
  9. Rob Spence

    Comparing amplifier specs - gain

    So, I am feeling math challenged this morning despite the coffee so am asking for some help. I drive my QRX212 HF (bi-amped) with one channel of a QSC PLX1602. I have my DSP set up for this. I need 2 more channels of amp in the rack with no available space. I am considering the Behringer 4...
  10. Rob Spence

    [FS] Yamaha 01v96v2

    I find I don't use this enough to keep it. Great "Swiss Army Mixer" that is incredibly versatile. It has lots of interesting I/O in addition to 12 mic preamps and 4 line in. In good condition. Only used outside a couple of times for weddings. All the rest was indoors. It has been housed in...
  11. Rob Spence

    [FS] Avid Mbox2 for sale

    I have an Avid M-Box 2 I have no use for. Great condition with box and paperwork. I think there is a copy of an earlier version of ProTools it there too. Make me an offer. Cleaning house.
  12. Rob Spence

    Video streaming and audio?

    I have a client that asked me for something new (to me). The scene is a horse riding arena. The client wants to stream video of some riding to a remote location (in this case from New England to either Florida or Germany) where an expert can observe and critique. They also want 2 way audio...
  13. Rob Spence

    [TECH] Engineer needed Aug 16

    I am looking someone to mix a duo and do a little playback in Chelmsford at a party. PA will be provided and set up. Won't be loud. Audience is about 50. Dinner provided. 6 inputs for instruments, 2 band vocals plus a couple of wireless for speeches. 2 monitors/mixes. Band is about 2hrs of...
  14. Rob Spence

    Best small digi desk in the sun

    Note, not under the sun:-) So, I had my 01v96 out in the sun a few weeks back. No ability to either put up a shelter or move it to shade. I not only could not see the screen but could not even tell if channels were on. So, since I don't actually use it often, maybe it is time to move on and...
  15. Rob Spence

    Johnny Winter - RIP

    A great guitarist and performer. I was addicted to his music back in the 70s. I had the opportunity to see and hear him perform a couple of years ago at a blues Fest up in Vermont. Rest in peace Johnny Sent from my iPad HD
  16. Rob Spence

    Paddles limitations

    Ok, not so creative this morning with subject line... I am wondering about the best way to use 2 paddles, 2 receivers and no antenna combiner. One way is to put one paddle on each and the half wave on the other connector. That is what I did recently and it worked out for a 75' reach to a pair...
  17. Rob Spence

    Cable for paddles

    I am buying some paddles for my wireless. I expect that 50' cables should do for any current needs. What do you suggest? It should be pretty flexible so it can be coiled and stored easily and not overly bulky if possible. Of course, I would like to pay as little as I can. Sent from my...
  18. Rob Spence

    Stereo auxes on LS9?

    Any way to link up a pair of auxes on an LS9? My desk is already loaded for the gig so I can't play with it. Sent from my iPad HD
  19. Rob Spence

    LS9 show file problem with SM

    I went to load up a console file into Studio Manager from an event I did last year as a basis for an upcoming event and it failed with a "parameter out of range" error. I then tried several other console files and got the error on some of them. Any suggestions? Sent from my iPad using...
  20. Rob Spence

    [WTR] Lectern in the Boston area

    I need a lectern for May 23. I would like to pick it up on the 22nd and return it in the afternoon of the 23rd. Where can I find one in the greater Boston area? West or North is ok too. Thanks.