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    Inventory system.

    Im looking into an inventory system for rental/production. Would like everything to scan in and out of wearhouse and be assigned to a job. I will take any suggestions you have. For those of you that have a system in place, is it worth it? We have 4 to 8+ events any given weekend. Thanks.
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    Anyword On Digico S21/ S31 app?

    I have 2 installs with the S21 and im spec'ing an S31 for another job. Is there anyword as to when the Ipad app will release? Thought i would ask here before i go through the rep.
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    Am I just whining or is this stupid (Rigging)

    So I recently left the Air Force and moved to Florida and took a job with a small install company, I have been working with them for about 2.5 months. The last 2 days I have been working with the owner and his son (first time working with either of them), and both days I have been very...
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    [FS] 2 Fulcrum DX-896

    2 Fulcrum DX-896 $1350ea or $2500 for both, these are the install version of the FA28's. Both in great shape, they were purchased in August 2013 and have been hanging in a church since then. The church opened their new facility and we installed a new Fulcrum system for them and these were left...
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    Smaart DI vs Systune Standard

    Yes I did search the forums first but the last thread on this was in 2012, so I thought I would bring it back up now that Rational has released DI and AFMG's prices have come down, and I'm going to be buying one very soon. Sys-tune is approx. $452 Smaart is just short of $600 What's the...
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    [FS] 4 Renkus Heinz St4-44 & Subs

    I have 4 Renkus Heinz St4-44, and 2 of the non-powered 2/18subs (model numbers to come) 2 of the ST 4-44 have issues (I know the amps bad in 1) The other 2 are in good working condition, and both of the subs are in good shape too. (all original working drivers) These things get loud and are a...
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    [FS] A bunch of aviom stuff.

    2 A-16 Personal Mixers $200ea 1 AN-16/i-M Mic Input Module $700 3 AN-16/i Input Module $300ea 4 AN-16/o Output Modules $300ea I also have 2 bridge modules make an ofer All items OBO All items spent their life in a rack Email, call or text Ben 618-477-4576
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    Sub Choice and Location

    I'm installing a new system in a gymatorium 106ft wide by 75ft deep, (seating area is only about 60ft deep) an A-frame roof 32ft high in the center and 24ft on the side it will be 2 SM80s per side with delays near the back at 21ft high, that is highest i will be able to hang on the sides due to...
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    Thoughtful gift for your wife

    After 7 years of marriage wife asked for a thoughtful gift this year, Will this be ok?
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    A rant about the weekend and a bunch of fried gear.

    Sorry for the small book. On Saturday i did a small outdoor blue-grass event for a regional company i work for all the time. I pick up the gear from them i need and head to the cemetery the event is in. Its raining when i get there so I wait it out and start unloading and setting up about 1245...
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    No noise above 55db after 10pm?

    How would you meet these noise requirements if they came to a town near you?
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    Routing Delays on LCR system

    Routing Delays on LCR system I had a church contact me about putting a LCR (LR band, Center vocals) system in, they have since decided to go MONO. However while in the design phase i was faced with the question of how i would route the delays needed for 105ft deep room with 18ft ceilings in LCR...
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    Wifi Question, (not audio related)

    So we just bought a house and we had to switch from a using fiber to a cable company, and the router the cable company provided has almost no range at all. I tried changing the channel and that helped a little, but what what i'm trying to do is use my cable modem/router (cisco cp3825) as just...
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    The EV Smell

    I sold a set of my ZLX 12p's (they have been out of the box 2 times) and I got a phone call today that the guy was very happy with the cabs but the smell he couldn't deal with and wanted to return them. I have worked with ev equipment for years and the weed/skunk smell is just something I have...
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    Expression 3 recording and monitor system?

    I'm thinking about installing the expression 3 for an install i'm doing, I've used it a few times and seems like it would be simple to train volunteers who will be running it, however it only has 1 card slot, am I missing a way to do multitrack recording and run an aviom or dbx monitor system?
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    Ease Vs Ulysses vs anything else

    Are these still the only players? I'm starting to do a number of installs and would like to have my own modeling/acoustic software . What are the benefits of ease over ulysses? Is everyone just letting the manufacturer do their designs. Ben *I have used ease before.
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    [FS] Behringer X32 & EV zlx 12p, Warner Robins Ga

    Used Behringer X32 Digital Mixer and case, I bought the x32 in March and it has spent its short life in a homemade road case and is in perfect condition and is fully updated. The case is nothing to brag about but its built out of Baltic Birch and closed cell foam, has wheels and is painted...
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    [FS] Aviom Digital Snake DS16 & Monitor system

    Aviom Digital Snake DS16 & Monitor system 2 A-16 out of a church install, the Avioms are 3 years old and it all works great. System includes 1 AN-16/i-M Mic Input Module 1 AN-16/i Input Module 2 AN-16/o Output Modules In addition we have a 2 Of the A-16 personal monitor mixers We also have 2...
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    lightning protection for powered speakers

    I have a church install where they want to hang some powered QSC MD cabs from another campus in their building 30ft up, there is already power run up there and there is no way to turn off the cabs currently, and the ones we are removing are blown I think from lightning. Is there anything I...
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    [FS] 4 renkus st 4-44 powered speakers $4500obo for all 4

    4 Renkus st 4-44 black powered speakers, 2 in great condition 1 needs a new amp and 1 sounds like there's a horn out but haven't gotten into it yet, all out of a church install. We will include 4 sets of rated flying hardware. These are truly great sounding cabs. These are very heavy (165lbs ea)...