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  1. John Chiara

    Adamson E Series?

    Heard a system outside today consisting of 8 flown E12 or E15's a side....4 E219's a side with 4 E218's in the center. I have not mixed on a system, just notice things each time I hear one. The easiest description is a bit 'tubby'....200hz centered or so......and WOW factor...
  2. John Chiara

    X-Mix update.

    Available today. I updated and now the mutes in the demo version don't work at all! Anybody used it yet?
  3. John Chiara

    R+R Hall of Fame streaming?

    Anyone know if there is a live stream?
  4. John Chiara

    QSC Touchmix tap delay?

    Where can I tap delay times on this unit?
  5. John Chiara

    [FS] Crest Consoles

    40 input X-VCA console, case with doghouse, 2PS..all working. $1750 40 input X-Monitor, road case, PS...all working. $1500 Plus shipping from 12180.
  6. John Chiara

    ISP Technologies Again?

    Just applied for a position at a soon to open venue. They have already signed on with ISP for supplying audio production. I many do...the complete nightmare this company was a bunch of years ago when the released their line array 'stuff' on to the scene. I mixed on one rig and it was...
  7. John Chiara

    Questions for AH QU users

    I am coming from an X32 Universe and want to maximize work flow on QU consoles on iPad. I am not expecting perfect cross referencing, just the simplest way to perform my normal mixing chops. 1. Is there a way to defeat the the channel strip name from changing to a db reading? I know Avid...
  8. John Chiara

    Danley SM 80 dealers...price ASAP?

    [email protected] 518-961-0069
  9. John Chiara

    [FS] Analog Gear

    For sale: SPL Transient Designer...$350 Rane G4...$375 Rane C4...$375 Radian Apex 15" Coaxial Monitors-biamp and passive...$1200/pr 2JBL MP255S... Double 15 Bandpass subs...$800/pr Peavey SP4...older heavy duty model. Wheels. $700/pr Crest X-VCA 40 ch console with road case and 2...
  10. John Chiara

    Facebook Ads

    Been seeing this a lot on my feed....
  11. John Chiara

    Live person at Presonus?

    Any way to call Presonus and talk to a live person? I have a problem that a one minute conversation could fix and I don't have time to wait forever on hold and then start a ticket fur a problem I don't know how to describe. Thanks
  12. John Chiara

    Allen Heath QU 24.

    QU 24 Got called to mix a show on a QU 24 last weekend....the band's Presonus StudioLive had been damaged by a brownout...they thought. I am an X32 man...never touched a QU. Faders felt good. One channel had a select button that would not work unless you hit the solo button on and off. I was...
  13. John Chiara

    Presonus Service?

    Tried calling support today..long answer. I have some speaker problems and need direction on what to do. Any insiders here?
  14. John Chiara

    X Air...first use

    X Air... Used the X Air for 2 sets last night. Initial impressions and gripes. It seems almost intentionally 'dumbed down' compared to the X32. It reminds me way too much of the Mackie digitals....and having the tabs on the right of the screen for your different busses is IMO just plain...
  15. John Chiara

    [FS] TMB EZ-Tilts

    2 of the aluminum EZ tilts...barely used over the years. $550 each plus shipping ...firm. These are $747 plus shipping new. 518-961-0069 [email protected]
  16. John Chiara

    [FS] Gear for sale..upstate NY

    For sale 2 For Sale 2015 4 Danley TH 215 subs....$800 each SPL Transient Designer...$350 Rane G4...$375 Rane C4...$375 Community s-3594 w/covers.biamp and passive...$550/pr Radian Apex 15" Coaxial Monitors-biamp and passive...$1200/pr EAW KF 850EF x 4...with covers and caster...
  17. John Chiara

    EWI mic connections...

    I had to use a 4 channel EWI XLR snake last weekend...connecting an X32 to some processing. I had forgotten how hard it can be to disconnect those black XLR's....had an assistant cursing pretty good!
  18. John Chiara

    Bernie Williams Show?

    Anyone done this band? Wondering if the have a mix person?
  19. John Chiara

    [FS] FS: PAS LX 2800 18's

    Decommissioning some CB2's soon and will have 7 LX2800 18's for sale. Please email if interested. [email protected] Modify message
  20. John Chiara

    Carvin DCM 2004L failures?

    Just had one of these go POP....checking internal fuse today. Any history of failures in these?