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    [FS] Lab Gruppen PLM12K44 (+- 1 year old)

    For sale: 12K44 amp from Lab Gruppen. Amplifier is in mint condition. Shipping is possible (at buyers expense), loacted in the Netherlands. Price: 4500,- or a good offer.
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    [FS] 3x Powersoft K3 DSP

    For sale: 4x Powersoft K3 DSP, all are in nice condition, only minor damages due to installation. All have around 15000 hours due to installation use, normal operation was only once a week. One gets a new lcd screen. 1200 euro per piece (fixed price), located in the Netherlands. Can ship...
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    [WTB] CAD expert

    For my new project I am after someone who is farmiliar with AutoCad or comparable. I have drawn some designs in Sketchup and they only need the finishinf touch before they can be used by a cnc machine. -New circles, because Sketchup can't make them perfectly round. -Some panels aren not laying...
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    [FS] Various speakers, amps, dsp, etc

    For sale: 4x Ohm TRS-115 mk1 450,- per pair 800,- for all four 2x EAW JF260 800,- for the pair 4x Nexo Alpha S2 copy (identical from the inside, same tuning etc, 18mm birch ply etc.), loaded with B&C 18PZ46 drivers. 2800,- for all four. 2x 18Sound 12NLW9300 (good condition) 400,- for both 1x...
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    [FS] Powersoft digimod 3004PFC4

    For sale: two powersoft 3004pfc4 amp modules with dsp-d and heatsink. One is used one time (not a scratch), the other one is brand new, and is not assembled yet. 1500,- euros or an good offer, shipping is possible.
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    15" hornloaded coax

    Maybe nice to share some stuff I found out recently. With my new setup I'm currently using a sort of D&B C7 top with hybrid subs underneath (more like TSE sub, but a bit bigger). Last weekend I had some time to do some testing, and a bit of measuring. I have only one screenshot available at...
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    FS: QSC PL, Xilica, B&C, Faital Pro

    For sale: 1X QSC PL380 1200,- 1X QSC PL340 750,- 1X Xilica XP3060 700,- 2X B&C DE800 400,- 2X B&C ME90 100, 2X B&C 12NW76-8 250,- 1X Faital Pro 12FH520 125,- 2X 12" mid/high cabinet with professional grill 300,- Everything is in a very good condition. All prices are in euros, if you have a...
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    New DIY double 15 bass/kick

    Hi everyone, I'm currently working on a new cab that can be used as standalone for sub/bass with a BR 12/1.4 mid high. As well as an low-mid extension for a horn loaded 12" with a 1.4" (mounted coaxial) ,on top an 18" tapped horn. I like the TW audio B30 layout, and went that way. It looks...
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    WTB: BMS 4594

    Hi, I'm looking for a pair BMS 4594 coax drivers. I know it's a long shot, but you never know :) Gr, Stef