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    TVI Audio Facebook User Group

    Please join the group if you're a TVI Audio owner, they've gone out of business. I'd like to compare notes on parts, maintenance, etc...
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    Peavey Prices Doubled on QW Monitors

    Anyone know why Peavey's prices seemed to "double" from just a few years ago on the QW Monitors? I remember when they were going for $799 brand new and today they're $1,359?? In fact you can find old web links from vendors where the preview shows the old price, but when you arrive at their...
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    Midas H3K Fader Cleaning?

    What's the proper procedure on the P&G channel faders? Very little info is available online...I haven't done anything yet, but I do have Deoxit F5 and F100.
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    Midas Heritage 3000 Tour Pack and Outboard

    $8,000 Midas Heritage 3000 48 channel frame (43 mono 5 stereo) with tour pack: Midas case, EZ tilt, dual power supplies in case with storage drawer. Comes with complete FOH rack: (2) almost new Klark Teknik DN370 eqs, (2) DBX 1074 quad gates, (4) DBX 166xl Comp/Limiters, (1) TC electronics D2...
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    Heritage 3000 Battery

    Does anyone know what size battery goes in the Master Section of a Heritage 3000? I'm not doing surgery until I'm actually ready to change it. The voltage was a bit low last time I was in there cleaning and the console is not remembering anything if it hasn't been on for a while. I tried calling...
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    RHCP New Orleans

    Saw RHCP at Jazz Fest in New Orleans yesterday....A+ 100 on the sound
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    Out of pure curiosity...

    I was on Alibaba and noticed a fair amount of pro audio knock-off gear. Anyone tried any of these QW clones? I don't know how much they want for them, but I had some cheap speakers stolen from me that I sometimes rent out for DJ rigs and the like and thought this looked interesting...
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    [WTB] CPU board for Allen & Heath ML console

    My VCA section has died in my Allen & Heath ML console, all of the analog audio circuits appear to be working fine. The U.S. Distributor for Allen & Heath said that repair would be the only option for them as this part is no longer made (very disappointing IMO). Does anybody have an extra one of...
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    What a deal?

    Wow! what a great package deal LOL!
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    Analog comeback?

    If I know some of the people here, ya'll are ready to pounce on me. :) But you should know that I now own an M7 that I'm using for monitors. But back to the topic at hand, I noticed in the October edition of Pro Sound News that Dierks Bentley and Eric Church are now carrying Midas Analog at...
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    Best/Safest Cleaner for Midas Heritage

    What's the best/safest cleaner to use on the push button auxiliaries on the Heritage 3000? I've got some over on the far side of the console that are tough if not impossible to push. We rarely use more than the first 4 as this is a FOH console, but I would like to keep everything working...
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    Analog FOH Facebook Group

    I've created a Facebook group for people to post pictures of Analog FOH setups. Sure they are becoming less and less frequent, but hey some of us still like it. Join and post your pics if you like:
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    Heritage for openers, Headliner preferred SAC System

    I received a rider for a headliner (which shall remain nameless) which specified Heritage, PM4000, etc... for FOH Console and also noted "Digital Consoles are a last resort." However, upon advancing the show I learned that they travel with their own SAC System with Behringer Preamps which they...
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    Booking Classic Rock Acts in the Southeast

    Ah, thanks Tim. I also found these guys: Artist Representation and Management - Roster which have the bands I mentioned as a matter of fact. We're almost a one stop shop! For several events I have booked the act, made the radio commercial for the show, made hotel/food arrangements, bought...
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    Booking Classic Rock Acts in the Southeast

    I know many of you guys like myself are also heavily involved in the "booking/consulting" end of local fairs, festivals, etc... I book probably 75% of my shows myself for the clients that I serve and have built up relationships with various artist agencies in Nashville. However, almost...
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    ML3000 mute lights stuck on

    My A&H ML3000 has 2 or 3 channels where the mute lights will sometimes get "stuck" on, despite the fact that the actual mute functions as it should. One strange thing about it is that sometimes if the board sits out in the sun for a little while it will behave as it should. The board functions...
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    Klark Teknik Repair

    I have a DN360 that needs to be repaired, I have significant noise on the B channel which is intermittent. I bought this unit used so I have no idea where it's been or what it's seen. After a quick search I found this Vancetek online but they have not responded to email and the phone number...
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    Source for rackmount power cable splitters?

    Other than the 2 way splitters on amazon, what is a good source for say a 3-way splitter for the "IEC" power cables for rack gear when power conditioner outlets are at a premium? Basically a 3 way split of this: Hosa Dual IEC Power Cable - 1.5 Foot: Electronics Thanks!
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    Midas Heritage Insert Snake

    What have you guys used that works well for inserts on a Heritage 2000/3000? A simple 8 or 12 channel balanced insert snake which is manually patched to necessary channels on the day of show....Or some sort of custom built 48 channel patch bay system in which all inserts are wired at all times...
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    TVI Audio C210ii Line Array

    Did our first show over the weekend with 12 boxes of TVI C210ii. We have the powered version with the new ICE amplifiers which run cool with no fan and have a built in DSP which can be edited via USB. You only need an amplifier in every other box as the amps are 3 channel so when you couple...