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    [FS] FS: BMS 4594 Coaxials, QTY 3

    I bought them from him in July 2021.
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    Recommendations for mid-level wireless?

    I'm using the EW-D and have used EW-100, EW300, and EW500 The EW-D sounds better than all of them. It takes about 1 second to hear the difference. no weird Sennheiser compansion They are easier to use to (to set channels, scan, etc) I see no negatives with the EW-D (other than Sennheisr makes...
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    60 Degree DIY Mid Hi - AKA PM60

    I'm using PLD 4.5 for power. 4 channel mode, 2 channels per PM60 speaker 1 channel for the B&C 12's and 1 channel for the BMS 1494 (w/passive X-over) I had someone help me w/SMAART. He set the delays, splay, gain staging on the amps We only did a few EQ cuts, not the fine surgical tuning that...
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    60 Degree DIY Mid Hi - AKA PM60

    Finally got a pair up and rolling. Definitely worth the time! Waiting on the 12's to come in and will assemble the 2nd pair Looking forward to having headroom at my summer festivals!
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    RCF TT_4A, any real world experiences?

    At $6799 each, I would hope they rock!
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    PMA - 60; New arrayable double 12 and horn.

    Are those rear ports going to throw mud range back at the stage? Not throwing shade at the boxes, just curious what the back spill is like.
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    Is the BMS 4594 the same thing as the 4595ND?

    disregard. I e-mailed BMS and they say they are the same.
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    Is the BMS 4594 the same thing as the 4595ND?

    Is the BMS 4594 the same thing as the BMS 4594 ND? My drivers are labelled 4594 I need one more. Someone has a 4594ND for sale Is it the same thing as what I have. I don't know where to find literature that differentiates them
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    [TECH] Possible Fraudster alert? - Brand new member - messaging to buy -

    Possible fraudster alert I have a "Want to Buy" add up for a BMS 1494. I was contacted by a new SFN member (no posts, just joined) by the name of Alexander James. His message read: "Contact James He has one for sale. Here's his email [email protected]" I e-mailed James (he says his...
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    x32 / M32 Monitor/IEM issues

    The MX-Q ap allows you to pan channels to your IEM mix if you are sending to stereo auxes
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    New DIY Mid High (90deg) - AKA PM90

    I know. But if you don't ask, no one knows you're looking! I have found them, just curious where others are buying.
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    [WTB] Want to buy - One BMS 4594 (not HE) - 8 ohm/8 ohm co axial driver

    - Want to BUY - One BMS 4594 8 ohm / 8 ohm co axial driver I'm in Indianapolis, message me price shipped to me if you have one. Not the HE version. Standard 4594. Need 8 ohm / 8 ohm
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    New DIY Mid High (90deg) - AKA PM90

    Where are people buying their 12NDL76 speakers? (in the U.S.)
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    [WTB] (MD) Audio things

    Is Europe moving to the Tru One connector for power?
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    [WTB] (MD) Audio things

    Have you seen these? Only 15 amp, but for stage stringers for backline and LED's they are the shiznit
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    60 Degree DIY Mid Hi - AKA PM60

    I already have the PLD 4.5's (and I have to use amps that plug into NEMA 15 outlets and don't blow breakers The PLD does hit it's limiters quick when pushed. My original settings were aggressive and the things hit the limiters super fast. I has to open them up a bit abd they still don't hit as...
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    60 Degree DIY Mid Hi - AKA PM60

    When you say isn't good enough, you 1) Don''t think it's a good amp power wise 2) Don't think the DSP is sufficient 3) both I use PLD amps now and am happy with them for other speakers I can't afford a Lake
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    Saw the 4594 BMS drivers and that you had passive crossovers. Did you use the passive cross...

    Saw the 4594 BMS drivers and that you had passive crossovers. Did you use the passive cross overs? Did you also try amping each driver separately? What did you use for DSP I'm considering building/buying PM60's, but I'm curious if passive crossovers work well on them. I really need to use PLD...
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    60 Degree DIY Mid Hi - AKA PM60

    Has anyone built these w/ BMS 4593 (I own 4 of them) passive crossovers (whose? BMS?) DSP amp (PLD4.5 for instance) Curious what the passive x-over does to max spl The box's allure is high SPL. If I can make it work passive but lose the spl gain over standard speakers, then that sort of...
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    [FS] Soundcraft Performer 2 with USB/MADI card & custom road case

    Soundcraft Performer 2 with USB/MADI CARD & Road case - $2750 Price includes shipping in the lower 48 and the PayPal fee Discount if picked up in Indianapolis 46208 Very good condition - No issues - Board works great USB-MADI card Custom road case by Indy Case