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  1. Ivan Beaver

    QSC wide line array

    That is a WIDE room for only 2 hangs-of anything. I am with TJ-and get whoever recommended it to justify it. Coverage maps-AT DIFFERENT FREQ-NOT JUST ONE-would be a good start.
  2. Ivan Beaver

    Looking for stereo XLR output switch box-ideas?

    I am looking for a PASSIVE XLR switch box that does the following: Yes it is real easy to build or modify one-but this is for a customer and it would be nice if it was "all pretty" and finished-if you know what I mean and it keeps is simple for me. Stereo-all XLR with a pair of female XLR...
  3. Ivan Beaver

    Loudspeaker listening demo

    For those that are interested there will be a roundtable of loudspeaker listening next week in Dallas at WFX Dallas 2013: Live Sound Demo This is a good chance to hear a number of products from 13 manufacturers (of all sizes and prices) playing at the same level and using the same material...
  4. Ivan Beaver

    Infocomm 2013

    If you will be attending Infocomm this week in Orlando-please come by and say hi. I will be mostly at the Danley show floor booth-but will be going to the demo room at the end of each demo for Q&A. We will have a fun "event" on Wed night-where we will lay into a number of Danley...
  5. Ivan Beaver

    A sad day for Rock N Roll

    It is a sad day when Deep Purple can't get into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame-and Donna Summer does---------------------------------------------------- Of course years ago Jethro Tull was named "Metal Band of Year" or Best Metal album or something like that. DO WHAT??????????? Talk about...
  6. Ivan Beaver

    A super speaker deal

    Found this today-do ya need a mice midrange? How many do you want? B C Speakers NA LLC 240 Watt 6 5" Midrange Speaker | eBay
  7. Ivan Beaver

    It's that time of year again-------------------------

    More to come
  8. Ivan Beaver

    The build begins-finally

    I have been wanting to do this for over 15 years. Take a pair of Kustom 4x12 rolled and pleated column and put real drivers in it. I didn't want to change my working blue PA and columns. I found just a pair of red ones awhile back-they have been sitting. I finally got started in the mod...
  9. Ivan Beaver

    [WTB] Altman MICRO Ellipse lights

    I am looking for a number of Used Altman Micro Ellipse lights. At least 10-but will take whatever. Give me a buzz if you have some
  10. Ivan Beaver

    My new "desk" photo

    Here is a photo of my new "desk". It is hard to make out, but the ads on the left side are magazine ads from the "time period". The Kustom Red cabinets are in the process of a "transformation". The origional speakers are being removed and replaced. On the low side there will be 2 Lab12...
  11. Ivan Beaver

    My Amp collection photo

    Here is a photo of my amp collection-that many have been interested in. Basically club and tour amps from the 70's/80's. You can also see my complete Shure Vocal Master collection ( mixer-tall and short columns-tweeeter banks-and slave 100 watt amp). My Kustom setup is on the side-but I will...
  12. Ivan Beaver

    [WTB] 4 old compression/horn drivers-condition not important

    I am looking to buy 4 (don't contact unless you have 4 please) horn drivers. Old ones are preferred. Destinctive ones are preferred Condition unimportant (they will not be played)-but the "outer pieces" need to be there (housing-back cover etc). I don't care if they are full of rust etc...
  13. Ivan Beaver

    Wow bennett!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Congrads. I just got the email announcement. I guess we will be seeing more of each other-huh?
  14. Ivan Beaver

    My first Christmas Light video this year

    Here is a link Almost 30,000 lights and 13 songs in rotation. Please forgive my bad video taping
  15. Ivan Beaver

    Danm it-They're back-totally OT-Watch out

    Some of you will remember several years ago I had my idenity stolen. I thought I had everything all cleared up-or at least as best I could. I don't know if this is related or not, but at least one of my credit card numbers has been stolen-yes I closed all the accounts and started over...
  16. Ivan Beaver

    [WTB] Old broken-or not-power amps

    I am still looking for a few more old (70'80's) power amps to fill out my "collection". It is coming along nicely-will post photos soon. These are for display purposes-so they don't need to work-just have all the external parts in place-inards could be missing. Some of the models I am...
  17. Ivan Beaver

    [FS] 48 ch Console and DSP's for sale

    I have a 48 channel Soundcraft K2 that is brand new looking that has only been moved 1 time out of the origional shipping crate. It was used in a church who upgraded to an Ilive system. It sat under a cover for most of its life. I have 2 power supplies and the cheap cover for...
  18. Ivan Beaver

    [WTB] Old broken PA amps and Shure and Kustom Columns

    I am getting a new much larger office and am looking for more decoration. I am still looking to buy some old (preferably non working so they don't cost as much) PA amps. They don't need to have "guts", but do need to have all the "outside stuff" knobs/meters/switches/jacks/heatsinks etc...
  19. Ivan Beaver

    Low profile 70V volume controls?

    Does anybody know a 70V volume control that can mount on a wall that has a depth of les than 1.5"? I would like 100Watts but could live with a 20watt control. I have tried our usual 70V suppliers but theirs are over 2" deep. Thanks in advance.
  20. Ivan Beaver

    Measurement workshop in Atlanta next month

    I hope this is an OK place to put this-feel free to move if needed. This is just a heads up about a measurement workshop that in coming up on Sat. Feb 19th in Atlanta GA. It is sponsered by the Atlanta chapter of AES. There will be information up on their website shortly. It is...