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  1. Douglas R. Allen

    Please help me identify a rackmount item

    I'm guessing a crossover but hard to tell with the picture quality. 2nd guess would be a reverb of sorts.
  2. Douglas R. Allen

    Column speakers systems

    The IG4T is 100 degrees L/R and 20 degrees up and 70 degrees down. As I'm sure you know that on the outer fringes this is not a ruler response. SPL drops at the outside edges and top and bottom of the horn as with all speakers I've measured with Smaart. It is also frequency dependent in relation...
  3. Douglas R. Allen

    Column speakers systems

    Honestly when the install calls for directivity control, certainly in the horizonal area, columns are often used depending on room. I wonder what kind of "cute" columns you've heard? Gemini's? Low budget ones are, like other types of speaker designs, not the best. When you look into the Db...
  4. Douglas R. Allen

    Column speakers systems

    I've been using IG4T's and IG2T's for some time now. The throw is as good if not better than a standard 15 or 12 and horn and should you stack IG4T's or IG2T's the coupling is great. I see no reason to go back to a "standard" box as with subs these work better for me. The light weight and slim...
  5. Douglas R. Allen

    X32 to S32 setup

    The best way to think of "Out 1-16" is a patch bay. You assign what you want to these "numbers" and how you want them to go out in relation to the Master Faders, Pre/Post fade,eq etc. Then different sections of the desk "Patch In" from these numbers. Your Compact only has 8 out so the other 8...
  6. Douglas R. Allen

    Harmony Central Gone?

    From time to time I'd go over to the live sound group at Harmony Central. Taking a look today it seems the whole site is gone? At one time it was thriving, but I guess it's time has come. Douglas R. Allen EDIT: Looked this afternoon and it's back.
  7. Douglas R. Allen

    Soundcraft UI16 Tips

    It's important to note the 2 added outs are not "Balanced Outs" but "Unbalanced Out". You would not want to run these down a long run. 20 feet or so may be ok. Also, if you go from this to an amp the channel that used Pin 3 as Positive it would feed an amp that way but polarity reversed if the...
  8. Douglas R. Allen

    Ghost of Paul Revere trailer stolen

    The Ghost of Paul Revere has had their trailer stolen in Colorado. I've worked with them and a great bunch of guys. If you happen to see or hear anything about it could you let them know? Thanks! Douglas R. Allen
  9. Douglas R. Allen

    Looking for old Peavey speaker model number

    6 year old thread but good to know!
  10. Douglas R. Allen

    JBL SRX815P vs RCF NX 45-A?

    It looks like in this picture the new NX945a have feet. The Nx945a look to be a beast! I wish these were out a few years ago I may have headed in a different direction. 135 db output and under 50 lbs. Douglas R. Allen
  11. Douglas R. Allen

    Midas M32 product lines 10 year warranty gone?

    I was looking around at different Midas M32 products and noticed a 3 year warranty instead of the 10 year that they have had from 2017 or so. Have they dropped the 10 year warranty already? One reason to go with a M32 instead of a X32 is the 10 year warranty. Is that gone? How about all of us...
  12. Douglas R. Allen

    JBL SRX815P vs RCF NX 45-A?

    The new Art line looks very impressive. Sadly still no HPF for use with a sub. The Art 945-A and 932-A look very nice. The 945-A has a 4 inch voice coil horn and the 932-A a 3 inch one...
  13. Douglas R. Allen

    JBL SRX815P vs RCF NX 45-A?

    Thanks for the great review... Maybe try a different section? Try Junior Varsity.
  14. Douglas R. Allen

    Sound for 300-700 Guests events

    Are you to the point where a delay line in the room or outside would be better? Are the guest complaining or is this something you want for yourself? How are you setting this system up? The QSC are both different somewhat and may not array well together. How are you splaying the cabinets out...
  15. Douglas R. Allen

    Dave Rat looking at M32/X32 differences

    Worth a look. Douglas R. Allen
  16. Douglas R. Allen

    X32 Channel Inserts

    I found this video which explains it well. The M32 and X32 are the same software wise. Douglas R. Allen
  17. Douglas R. Allen

    X32 Channel Inserts

    You can't teach common sense is a tag that goes in every post I make. Not for you just a saying/moto if you will. I''ll be at my desk Sunday so I'll give it another look. I'm pretty sure there is a way but it's been so long I am having a brain fart it seems. I'll take another look around...
  18. Douglas R. Allen

    X32 Channel Inserts

    It's been awhile but this is what I remember. Go to Routing _ Out _ Aux out and assign the Aux channel to Insert you want to use. In this case I'm using Aux 1 as a insert that is going to be inserted in Channel 1. Now when on channel 1 Aux 1 is assigned to Insert Position Fx. Now Aux 1 Out is...
  19. Douglas R. Allen

    Pro Sound Web Forums gone?

    Mac; When I do manage to log in I get this "Not Secure" message with the HTTP with lines though it. I am logged in and can reply to messages. To log in I have to allow my computer to go to a "unsafe" location and proceed anyway. Something is up? Douglas R. Allen
  20. Douglas R. Allen

    Pro Sound Web Forums gone?

    Yeah, I'm still not getting in every time. Oh well. Not much I can do. Douglas R. Allen