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  1. Silas Pradetto

    [FS] SSL MADIxtreme 64 PCI express card

    SSL MADIxtreme 64 card for computer. Goes in your PCI-E slot. I am an authorized SSL dealer, and this was bought but never used. I have the box somewhere, but you at least get the card. $1000 new, I'll take $500 or best offer on it. [email protected] / 8603371040 DO NOT PM ME
  2. Silas Pradetto

    [FS] LAB subwoofers

    Hello everyone, long time no post. Still running the company over here, just too busy to read anymore. Anyway, I have 4 LAB subs that I built years and years ago. I sold these to a club and bought them back, but have no amps to power them and they're taking up space. I can impedance sweep them...
  3. Silas Pradetto

    [TECH] Need sound company in Toronto July 11th

    Hey guys long time no posts from me (I'm sure you're better because of it). Anyway I have a client in need of good sound for a church event, about 400 people, not complicated, in Toronto on July 11th. Please send me an email if you can do the gig [email protected] or call me...
  4. Silas Pradetto

    [FS] Tascam SS-CDR200 CD and flash memory recorder

    I have a Tascam SS-CDR200 pro recorder for sale. Bought this and put it in a rack, never moved it otherwise. Everything works perfect, I'm a Tascam dealer so full warranty applies. How about $600 shipped? Or send me your offer...
  5. Silas Pradetto

    TSO Providence, RI on December 19th

    I just bought some tickets to go to Trans-Siberian Orchestra in Providence on the 19th for the 4:00pm show, anyone going to be there? Production guys or otherwise? I wouldn't mind a nice tour of the rig :)
  6. Silas Pradetto

    [FS] Applied L16 crank lifts

    I have 4 Applied L16 crank lifts I don't use much, work well. One has a bent handle but it doesn't affect operation. $1800 per pair FOB Franklin, CT - we can discuss shipping options. These come with truss adapters for 12" box truss also. [email protected] / pm / 8603371040
  7. Silas Pradetto

    [FS] 2000 Ford E350 16' Box Truck

    Hey Forum People, I have a 2000 Ford E350 box truck for sale. This has a 16 foot box, rollup back door, and a pullout ramp for your loading convenience. It has about 140k miles on it and runs the legendary 7.3 diesel. The truck has no problems whatsoever, no rust, runs perfect. I just redid the...
  8. Silas Pradetto

    [WTB] A couple matching Pullover style or Slam-Latch racks, 10+ space

    I need more racks for our ever-expanding inventory, and rather than buy some new ones (or build), what do you guys have for used ones? I need 10+ spaces, they can be the pullover shock style or slam-latch style. Might also consider racks with regular front/rear covers...
  9. Silas Pradetto

    [WTB] Yamaha Motif XS8 or XF8 keyboard

    Yeah, I know, not exactly Sound related, but I'm expanding my backline inventory and would like to add a Motif XS or XF8 to the inventory. In a case is preferred. Might consider an ES8. [email protected] / 8603371040 / PM
  10. Silas Pradetto

    Favorite fly rack

    I have a 1U dual-channel UHFR system I want to put in a very portable rack for rentals and such. I probably want pouches or something for the handhelds and antennas, plus a 1U rack rail to mount the receiver. What's everyone using for this?
  11. Silas Pradetto

    [WTB] Behringer P16m mixers needed ASAP

    I would take an entire case (5 units) of these, or a minimum of 2 units. I need them here by Wednesday. Used or new is fine. [email protected] / pm / 8603371040
  12. Silas Pradetto

    [FS] Behringer S16 digital snake boxes

    I have 2 S16 digital snakes, boxes opened and used once. $700 each shipped in the USA. [email protected] / PM / 8603371040
  13. Silas Pradetto

    [FS] Shure SLX24/SM58-H5 wireless handheld mic, NEW

    I ordered 8 of these units for a customer and they only want 7. So I have a brand-new SLX24/SM58-H5 system available at a great price. Can't put the price on there because it violates MAP pricing, but we're...
  14. Silas Pradetto

    [FS] Four QSC K12 with K12 tote bags

    I have four QSC K12 speakers with the QSC tote bags for sale. Since they've always been bagged they're in good shape and come with the actual QSC power cables with the locking blue ends. I'm trying to free up some cash for truck repairs so I'll let these go pretty cheap. How about $550 each...
  15. Silas Pradetto

    [FS] Sennheiser IEM300G3 complete 4 channel IEM rig

    I have a complete Sennheiser IEM300G3 IEM rig for sale. This is in band "A" and includes 4 receivers, 4 transmitters, rack, powercon/network input panel, network switch, and a 4U mid atlantic drawer for the packs. Complete "As you see it" kind of deal. Looking for a fast sale, no problems...
  16. Silas Pradetto

    [FS] DB Technologies S30 subwoofers

    I have a total of 6 DB Technologies S30N subwoofers but only really need 4. I would consider selling all of them, though, in pairs. They are all in good shape, 4 of them are the newer ceramic version and 2 are the older neo version. They all come with stock DB Technologies covers and casters - 2...
  17. Silas Pradetto

    [FS] RCF NXM25a

    I have four RCF NXM25a available for sale. These are used from our production inventory and are in great working condition. There are some slight scuffs on them from use, but they come with Under Cover F2 black slip covers with a bottom flap (360 degree protection). Manufacturer listing...
  18. Silas Pradetto

    GrandMA onPC Command Wing vs HedgeHog 4

    Please tell me which one I should buy and why.
  19. Silas Pradetto

    [FS] Crown IT4000 amplfier

    I have a Crown IT4000 amplifier I need to sell ASAP. Good working condition. $1200 [email protected], PM, or call/text 8603371040 I take cards and cash, NO PAYPAL Ships from 06334 or I can deliver within an hour or two drive.
  20. Silas Pradetto

    [FS] Audiopile 32 channel splitter snake

    Re: Audiopile 32 channel splitter snake Still have this. $300?