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  1. John Roberts

    Mike guitar amp or plug into direct box?

    Lead guitar amps add their own characteristic sound that would be lost from a DI. If you have extra channels maybe try both and see for yourself. JR
  2. John Roberts

    War Zone Hearing Protection

    perhaps AI or human machinations to establish multiple forum accounts for later use spamming. Or not. JR
  3. John Roberts

    Surface Mount Components for Crossover PCB

    besides the power (heat dissipation) constraints, passive loudspeaker crossovers must survive a high vibration environment with occasional drops. Even thru hole components often get extra mechanical stress relief. JR
  4. John Roberts

    Could a MOSFET based device be used to build something like a stepped attenuator?

    Digital pots deliver good audio performance and use CMOS transfer gate switch technology inside. They will generally not handle 24V DC or 70V audio. JR
  5. John Roberts

    X32 automixer

    If the Behringer automix is using the Dugan algorithm (which it probably does) there will only be one AM output since it mathematically compares the level of the final sum to all the stems sending to it, that proportions the gain of each stem based on that. That final AM can be sent to different...
  6. John Roberts

    article about roadies Interesting article about shifting economics in concert business JR
  7. John Roberts

    RIP Jack Sondermeyer 1939-2015

    We lost another brilliant audio engineer. While few knew who Jack was, millions have benefitted from his product designs while director of analog engineering at Peavey for a few decades. Perhaps his most iconic product is the CS800 with over half a million sold and probably the majority of them...
  8. John Roberts

    Copyright, Patent, General Intellectual Property Discussion (Branch from M32 Thread)

    Wow, wrong on a few levels. The low price X-32 is certainly an achievement but not revolutionary. Ford was a true visionary about advancing manufacturing technology (assembly line) and even for paying his workers more (so workers could afford to buy a car). While the later Apple products were...
  9. John Roberts

    The surface-less console evolution

    I have been predicting the the end of consoles entirely, with their functionality moving into different functional blocks that can't go away (speakers, mics, etc). I think we are in a early evolutionary stage away from the old school physical integrated console/control surface. With all...
  10. John Roberts

    Is Global Warming A Thing? (Hurricane Sandy Spinoff)

    NYC was built on low ground between Hudson and East (and Harlem and Bronx) rivers. The freak couple hundred years storm caused the record storm surge. Climate experts warn against reading too much into one or two storms but there are changes in weather (high pressure) patterns being blamed...
  11. John Roberts

    they speak with forked tongue

    No not politicians, they lie for a living :-(. I just read an article where consumer market research firms are trying to get more honest answers from consumers. I have observed this disconnect for a long time. Look at what consumers actually buy, not what they tell you they would buy...
  12. John Roberts

    critical thought

    I always credited those old TV commercials for children's toys that never lived up to the imagery for teaching us to be skeptical, but lately I've been picking up on commercials that are just nuts, if you pay attention to the context or details. One recently selling a water bottle with filter...
  13. John Roberts

    Ivan you missed this one...

    LoopSlooth - Find ground loops fast and without disconnecting anything only $1250 for the small one... I don't know how we ever got along without one of these... ? JR
  14. John Roberts

    running commentary on middle east policy and news.

    My apologies to hammer for moving his post to a new thread for response, but I am growing weary of seeing that old thread title refuse to roll off into the old bit bucket and die. When IMO the ongoing posts have little to do with that one incident. Of course if I am wrong, the old thread is...
  15. John Roberts

    Have you checked your tire pressure lately?

    Just topped mine off... down several # since the last time I checked. JR
  16. John Roberts

    Happy Birthday USA

    It's been a rough year, but you've seen a lot worse. Happy birthday and a pinch for an inch... JR
  17. John Roberts

    annoying icon

    Is it possible for that facebook(?) icon to be any more annoying? When I open a thread to read a post the whole thread jumps up and down. I don't know if this is peculiar to Safari browser, but it has managed to make spending any time with a thread open unpleasant. Is it possible to tone...
  18. John Roberts

    Disposable products... or not?

    While I was angry and a little PO's a while back by the plastic bearing surface and bushing on my rotary brush, vacuum cleaner, melting and being in my opinion unfixable... To my pleasant surprise, I was able to find replacement parts on the WWW... While not cheap (I had to replace several large...
  19. John Roberts

    best movie line since "do you feel lucky punk"

    Bad guy : I'm going to kill you. Good guy: Between now and then, I'm gonna mess you up! It helps the good guy in this scene is a hot girl. JR