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  1. Justice C. Bigler

    Audio Get together in Fort Worth

    Rational Acoustics is holding their 3-day Smaart Training with Harry Brill in Fort Worth August 18-20. Meyer Sound is holding their SIM3 Training with Bob McCarthy also in Fort Worth August 18-21. I'll be attending the SIM3 Training and staying downtown as the SIM training is at the Bass...
  2. Justice C. Bigler

    [WTB] Audio-Technica AT3035 microphone

    Anybody have an Audio-Technica AT3035 mic in good condition that they want to part with? I would require the factory shock mount and padded carry case as well.
  3. Justice C. Bigler

    PSA: Severe eather season has officially started

    Had a near miss tonight. Line of tornadic storms came right up I-44 as usual tonight. It already had a history of producing tornadoes by the time it go to downtown Tulsa, and the building was right in the middle of the storm track. I was watching the radar, listening to the Skywarn net and...
  4. Justice C. Bigler

    My new website

    A few months ago, I quietly launched my new website. Well, I've finally had a chance to post some actually content. I thought you guys would like to check it out. Be sure to check out my blog, where I will be posting detailed write ups and pics of the various shows that...
  5. Justice C. Bigler

    What's up with the Captcha stuff?

    I've been having to fill out Captcha verifications all day today. Really a PITA. It just started happening today.
  6. Justice C. Bigler

    Yamaha Rivage PM10
  7. Justice C. Bigler

    WARNING! iLok possibly hacked-DO NOT SYNC!!

    Story developing over at the DUC. Possibly phony emails being sent out by someone claiming to be iLok talkkng about authorizations that were mistakenly deposited in accounts and telling you to sync to have them removed. See the DUC thread below: my cranesong phoenix was stolen from me by ilok...
  8. Justice C. Bigler

    [FS] For Sale: (2) Audix OM-2 microphones

    For sale: Two Audix OM-2 microphones, including stand mount, and carry bag. I have never used these microphones. Bought them several years ago and stuck them in my mic box. I'm shifting to more recording oriented mics, and don't have a use for these any more. $80 each, or $150 for the...
  9. Justice C. Bigler

    Theatre Collapse in London

    BBC News - London's Apollo Theatre's roof collapses Word is that there were not any fatalities, which is a miracle. But dozens injured.
  10. Justice C. Bigler

    [TECH] Available for Work End of Dec - First of Jan 2014

    I have about three weeks of time off available for freelance work from December 23 through about the 12th or 13th of January. I'm looking for about 10 days worth of freelance work during that period. I have experience working on digital consoles (Yamaha PM5D, CL5, M7CL, LS9, 01V96, and Avid...
  11. Justice C. Bigler

    Performer dies on Cirque du Soleil: Ka at MGM Grand

    I've seen this show twice and they accomplish things that have never been done before, and they ride the knife's edge when it comes to what is possible in live theatre. I know that they take safety very seriously. When I was in Las Vegas in April for my D-Mitri training, they were doing a 5...
  12. Justice C. Bigler

    Smaart 7 Di

    So, who knows what about Smaart 7Di? Just got an email announcing it. Apparently it's a "streamlined" 2-channel version of Smaart. Cost is $595 for new licenses with a discount for upgrades and current owners of Smaart 7.
  13. Justice C. Bigler

    USB Flash Drives and Yama LS9s

    Hey, what's up with using USB flash drives on the LS9s? I know the manual states that 2GB is the max that work reliably with the console. So I went out and bought a couple of 8GB flash drives, and sure enough they don't work reliably. The ones I got were PNY and have a plastic connector, instead...
  14. Justice C. Bigler

    Severe Weather, Oklahoma and Kansas, check in!

    Did you make it through the two tornadoes that plowed through Wichita today? I've been monitoring the weather all day, sitting in my booth running sound for three dance recitals all day long. Been an interesting day to say the least. They cancelled Mayfest early because of the weather. But we...
  15. Justice C. Bigler

    [TECH] Looking for some work in late July-August-ish

    At my day job, we are going to have five full weeks of dark time, from the end of July through Labor day, including the entire month of August. And I'm going to take off for a solid four weeks probably. I'm looking for a freelance gig or two to work on during that time. Something to make some...
  16. Justice C. Bigler

    Behind the scenes: Cirque du Soleil Michael Jackson

    Don't know if you guys have these this one yet or not, but a good behind the scenes look at Cirque du Soleil: Michael Jackson The Immortal World Tour, with lots of sound, and lighting. Michael Jackson The Immortal World Tour by Cirque Du Soleil - YouTube
  17. Justice C. Bigler

    converting speaker level to line level

    A stupid question, that one of my colleagues asked me today, if I had a way to convert an 8ohm speaker level to line level. I simply said "no". I suspect that this has something to do with the back stage program speaker on our loading dock that he disconnected and took down yesterday, but am...
  18. Justice C. Bigler

    PSW down?

    Hey, uhh, is PSW down? I can't seem to get it to load. Just wondering if it's me or the site.
  19. Justice C. Bigler

    Yeah baby

  20. Justice C. Bigler

    Anybody going to NAB in April

    It looks like I'm getting a company trip to attend the NAB show (exhibits only) in April to look at and try and break the new Yamaha consoles. Anybody else going? Anyone have anything they want me to ask about, or try and see if it breaks the consoles? :twisted: