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  1. Tim McCulloch


    The money that gets spent on human factors issues...
  2. Tim McCulloch

    sensitivity of these two microphones

    Google: inverse square law. Then look at the distance between the ear set mic and the mouth, and a lav mic and the mouth.
  3. Tim McCulloch

    To or Not To invest in SMAART.

    Smaart is a measurement tool. Ask yourself, "Self, what am I attempting to measure, for what purpose, and what is the anticipated audible result of any change I make based on that measurement?"
  4. Tim McCulloch

    250 cap venue for "bass heavy" music... will a 2x18 do it proper?

    It's not about how many people, it's about AREA. How many square feet/meters? I tend to agree that for most contemporary genres, there is no such thing as "too much sub" in the eyes of the band, DJ, and a good bit of the audience. One can always turn them down or unplug half of them (-6dB...
  5. Tim McCulloch

    Passive Wedges - what good ones are out there?

    We had a casino account that installed a counterfeit VerTec 4887/SRX728 rig. The I-Tech 4x3500 were genuine, but they were the only parts that were. Horrid sounding piece of shit.
  6. Tim McCulloch

    ZoomH4, when plugged into MacBook

    Where did it "become mono"? I suspect you need to tell the Mac that there are 4 tracks coming from the H4. The configuration of the H4 is not affected by the USB connection, all configs are selected from the H4 menus.
  7. Tim McCulloch

    DigiCo shut down - need insight from regular users.

    Yeah, it ain't all glamour and guts and glory. ;)
  8. Tim McCulloch

    Bose T8S making digital clipping sounds

    I think it is time to contact the manufacturer or distributor for service or warranty repairs.
  9. Tim McCulloch

    Soundproofing a wall

    No, it's not. It's big on physics and the why's and how's of acoustics, noise transmission, etc so the principles apply regardless of the trade, craft, or profession of the user. It's a $40 book that will give you a lifetime of knowledge. It's free to check out at your local library. The...
  10. Tim McCulloch

    Live streaming w/ bass guitar.

    You Tube. Tons of legends, session players, teachers, and students posting videos there.
  11. Tim McCulloch

    Soundproofing a wall

    Adding mass is only part of vibration isolation and creating STL (sound transmission loss). If you don't want to spend the $40 on the book, go to your library. SERIOUSLY. Also adding flammable materials between residence units may be a violation of Code in your city or county, and may violate...
  12. Tim McCulloch

    Soundproofing a wall

    Get thee a copy of The Master Handbook of Acoustics by F. Alton Everest and Ken Pohlman. Seriously, before you start making changes to your residence.
  13. Tim McCulloch

    DigiCo shut down - need insight from regular users.

    "Sound school" means a new hire I have to completely UN_TRAIN and then start over from scratch. Please, goddess of audio, send me no more Empty Sheet graduates.
  14. Tim McCulloch


    If you're not doing corporate work, or work with "entertainers we've heard of", chances are you should post in the "Junior Varsity" forum.
  15. Tim McCulloch

    Stereo recording on MR18

    One of the differences between the MR/XR and the X/M is lack of 2 track recording direct to USB. Also you cannot record directly to an external drive via the USB port, you must record to a computer. There are multiple You Tube videos that demonstrate how.
  16. Tim McCulloch

    Wireless IEM not getting one channel

    Post fader? If you don't have the fader up, it won't send to the bus. I'm not familiar with that model of IEM but could the transmitter be set to mono?
  17. Tim McCulloch

    Midas Pro2 DSP Board issue

    It's part of the power supply in the i/o rack. Try Audiolabs of Georgia for parts and service.
  18. Tim McCulloch

    Behringer X32 recording via USB card

    No. The signal is in the digital domain and while you can "trim" levels to an extent (over a 20-ish dB range, IIRC) the actual preamps are not in the signal path (and should not be). When you playback through the console what does the RTA view of the channels look like? Is the LF still there...
  19. Tim McCulloch

    DiGiCo S21?

    And whilst they may have been recording folks, the desks that made it to the USA for live use, sucked. Majorly. The Soundtracs connection was the primary reason I avoided DigiCo for years.
  20. Tim McCulloch

    Midas M32 Security

    That's because it's not a function of the console, but the Wireless Access Point you added.