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  1. Jeff Babcock

    [News] Guns N’ Roses Guitarist Richard Fortus Reflects on His Storied Career and Celestion Speakers

    Fortus in an amazing musician and very generous with his time and sharing with the community. A true gear head and a great guy!
  2. Jeff Babcock

    250 cap venue for "bass heavy" music... will a 2x18 do it proper?

    If controlling the low end (which is hard to do and the likely source of noise complaints) is going to be a problem, consider adding a Waves Maxxbass processor. They are a very useful tool for DJ rigs. They can give the acoustic illusion of very low bass, leave the real upper bass in place...
  3. Jeff Babcock

    Passive Wedges - what good ones are out there?

    Matt, if you already have the wedges and you like them, then just build the proper wiring setup. You probably already have the inventory to do this. There are commercial versions as well if you want something a little cleaner. My quick and dirty way of doing this was to take 25ft IEC cables...
  4. Jeff Babcock

    Jbl stx828s

    The answer, as always, is it depends. It all depends on the venue, the stage, and your objectives. Do you care about stage spill? There is no "best" placement that works universally.
  5. Jeff Babcock

    Ferrofluid in Meyer Sound

    Hi You could order APG-S from Ferrotec. I would call them to discuss the correct SKU.
  6. Jeff Babcock

    Looking for lightweight active 10" speakers

    One justification would be better resale value. Maybe it is different where you live, but around my area QSC and JBL (and to some degree Yamaha) are the dominant brands in powered speakers. I don't EVER recall seeing FBT in the wild, and I rarely see RCF either. The K's have better IO than the...
  7. Jeff Babcock

    Crackling/Clipping issues on Monitors

    Hi Recorded music is not comparable to a live bass. Recorded music is heavily compressed. A live bass on the other hand has significant transient peaks and if it is driving the speakers to crackle you may risk damaging them. Some things to try: 1) Make sure you have applied a HPF on your main...
  8. Jeff Babcock

    Looking for lightweight active 10" speakers

    Hi I use the QSC K10.2s regularly and have had them for a long time (got them as soon as .2 came out) Super reliable, good sounding, lots of I/O options, surprising amount of low end, light and loud for their size I have not experienced hiss issues, just gain stage correctly, don't run them...
  9. Jeff Babcock

    IEM’s around £300

    Hi Richard, If you can afford a bit more, getting a custom molded set of IEMs makes a huge difference. I use 64 Audio and highly recommend their stuff as they have a port that relieves pressure on your eardrums, reducing ear fatigue. But there are lots of options starting just a little above...
  10. Jeff Babcock


    Hi again Nana, Please note, you didn't specify if the sample rate was 44.1 or 48K. If you play back a 48K file on an audio output on computer that is configured for 44.1 (default for many) it will be glitchy. They need to match. Note that you can use some audio apps and DAW software to...
  11. Jeff Babcock

    Pro Tools - no sound

    Hi Fred, This forum is for live sound. I would suggest you head over to, where there is a dedicated forum section for Pro Tools related stuff. Cheers
  12. Jeff Babcock

    PA mix thru Monitors

    It helps greatly if you get custom molded IEMs. I recommend 64 Audio, their models have special porting which reduces pressures in the ear canal and largely removes that plugged ears effect you get with cheaper IEMs. Here's a link with some detail about that feature...
  13. Jeff Babcock

    Cassette transfers

    Here is a list of 248 free VST plugins that you can use. If you are looking for commercial solutions, Izotope has their RX series plugins targeted at these sort of use cases Waves also have some good tools...
  14. Jeff Babcock


    Hi, Without knowing more details, I would start by trying another USB drive. However, if you provide more context such as: - how are you playing back the recording? Directly from the board, from a computer? If computer, what app? - if you are playing back on a computer, is the sample rate...
  15. Jeff Babcock

    PreSonus16.4.2 SL Classic with no screen functions.

    Open it up and try re-seating any ribbon connectors inside as it might be that the display has lost connection
  16. Jeff Babcock

    Recommendations for mid-level wireless?

    Hi Tom, As has already been mentioned.... There is a big difference between 2-4 channels and 12 channels. My advice would be to buy 4 channels, and RENT 8 channels of a high end solution with proper antenna distribution, frequency coordination etc etc for the rare occasions when you need it...
  17. Jeff Babcock


    Allpass filters are useful if there is a major phase issue, but be careful to ensure your Smaart timing calibration is correct, and only make one change at a time and listen to whether it improves things. Keep in mind with so many speakers, room reflections and points of interaction you might...
  18. Jeff Babcock


    Hi, When using Smaart, for this type of situation, I normally go with 1/12 octave, 2sec,. However, don't chase down every little peak or dip, keep the number of corrections to a minimum and think in broader strokes unless you are chasing down a very specific issue.. Obviously you want to shoot...
  19. Jeff Babcock

    RCF TT_4A, any real world experiences?

    I haven't heard these particular models, but everything else I have heard from the TT series has been absolutely excellent, so I would expect these should also be high quality. The design may allow for swapping things around, however the practicality of this is probably best suited to installed...
  20. Jeff Babcock

    Ghost of Paul Revere trailer stolen

    Ben, there are quite a few GPS trackers on the market. Some are weatherproof with a magnet built in so you could stick it somewhere on the trailer to track it. They are relatively inexpensive. Seems like a worthwhile investment if you're traveling a lot and in higher risk environments (such...