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    A budget studio mic for home recording?

    I just picked up a matched pair of Rode M5 for $200. They can be used for anything - from overheads to guitar amps to vocals if your "clients" aren't listening with their eyes AKA want the look of a large diaphragm condenser (I have a cheap MXL for those LOL).
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    Low end video curtains

    I've been told the 9cm pitch ones aren't good for much but am looking at the 4.5cm pitch ones that sell for around $2.5K for a 2x3 meter. Have any of youse guys checked them out? Even at that pitch they are only ~65x45 pixels. You rarely see an example of a photo on one LOL. Obviously for...
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    X-Air internal AP FUBARness

    Hmm... the internal AP only supports WEP "shared key" and Windows 8 and above only supports the more secure WEP "open system". So you can't connect from Windows 8 or 10. Good one Behringer x(~:dead::roll:8O~8-O~:shock::razz::thumbdown:
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    SPL Alarm iPad/iPhone App ?

    So, today I figured I'd search out and buy an iDevice app that shows the SPL in the biggest posible numbers and flashes the screen red (or something similar) when a set SPL is exceeded. Sounds like an obvious app to make, right? Well, so far I can't find one :( . Has anyone come across one? Thanks!
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    I haven't seen much comment on the X-Air. The demo iPad app has some great features ("borrowed" from the Mackie DL1608 app ;) ?) but lacks some important stuff. Who's gonna buy a digital mixer who's app lacks scribble strips :roll: ? Are you supposed to put board tape on your iPad :lol: ? Many...
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    Behringer X18

    Behringer: DIGITAL iPAD/TABLET MIXER X18 So now we have competitors to the Mackie DL1608 from Phonic, QSC, and Behringer.
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    600MHz Auction - Mid 2015

    Re: 600MHz Auction - Mid 2015 ;)~;-)~:wink: :?~:-?~:???:
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    Mackie DL1608 V2 Firmware and Apps Released Today !

    Master Fader v2.0 is Here
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    Cheap lasers not legal?

    A band I sometimes provide for has two of them cheap banjo center RG laser effects they aim at the dance floor. So I figured I'd order a couple up from fleaBay for $15 each shipped. They are pretty similar - 100mw red and 50mw green lasers. Question is how is it possible to operate these without...
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    Is anyone's business affected by politics?

    Re: Is anyone's business affected by politics?
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    Wireless in 600 MHz band at risk of being banned
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    Phonic WM-SYS4-863 legal?

    This is a wireless audio link operating on two separate channels out of 16 switchable pairs in the 863-865 MHz band. Phonic claims it's legal in the USA but they are being blown out for $300 ($800 MSRP) . Has anyone here ever used one or have a definitive answer as to it's legality?
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    Mackie User Forums shut down since 1/4

    Doesn't look good for them returning - dealing with all them bitchy customers was too much for them I guess :( . Anyways there's an unofficial user's group for the DL1608 over here: dl1608 : DL1608
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    X16 Preview

    Re: X16 Preview ^ Wow, yous guys have way better eyes than I do - Here, I "fixed' it :) .
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    [FS] Complete band level system

    A band I BE'd for is disbanding :( . I helped upgrade this system to its present configuration. I've listed the present MAP's for everything, all are currently in production - no obsolete gear, all always racked and works perfectly. All Best offer, I prefer local sales. Currently located near...
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    Has anybody layed hands on the mackie DL1608 yet?

    Re: Has anybody layed hands on the mackie DL1608 yet? DL1608 being used for PA and Music at a 20,000 cap stadium:
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    Presonus AB1818VSL

    Anybody mess about with one of these yet? It is a 2U rackmount version of a StudioLive with no control surface. It supports USB 2 or 3 (no firewire :)) and is controlled by a Mac or PC (hence the "VSL") and a special app for the iPod that "talks" to it via that. It has 8 mic pre's expandable to...
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    Woodstock CT fair provider?

    Hey, anybody know who the provider for this is? My only clue is that they are rumored to be out of Hartford ...
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    [FS] QSC RMX2450, RMX850 FS in CT/MA/RI

    Two of each in excellent shape, always racked, $300 each for the 2450's, $200 each for the 850's OBO. Will deliver in CT/MA/RI .
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    Best inexpensive IEM?

    I just came across the $200 Galaxy AS-900 . Anybody have any opinion of it?