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  1. Mike Caldwell


    Yes! You went to a lot of work to a keep an acoustic drum kit "in the mix" when 97% of the people in congregation would not notice the difference between an acoustic kit and an E Drum kit sound. Think if you need to re arrange the stage for a special event.
  2. Mike Caldwell

    Soundcraft UI12 wifi connection issues

    For anything close to a reliable connection with those you need to set up an external WIFI router. Anything operating in the 2.4g WIFI band is asking for issues in a crowed room full of cell phones.
  3. Mike Caldwell

    Dim tweeter

    That one is toast and so would have been the diaphragm had it been in there.
  4. Mike Caldwell

    Dim tweeter

    If the pole piece and or the top plate has shifted that is whole other level of repair, if repairable. With the gap visibility uneven that driver is not going to sound like it should, if the pole piece slips anymore with the diaphragm installed it could ruin the good diaphragm. Sounds like that...
  5. Mike Caldwell

    Mic output from TRRS connector of gaming headset

    In my quick research that transmitter input is just a tip sleeve jack, going by the picture of the mic that plugs into it, You'll need to take the TRRS split and on the transmitter side get or make an adapter that the ring closest to the body of the TRRS plug and connect that to the tip and the...
  6. Mike Caldwell

    X32 Rack Matrix Phasing Issues

    Or somewhere a miss wired XLR cable.
  7. Mike Caldwell

    X32 Rack Matrix Phasing Issues

    Do you have those same source routed to the matrix using a second path so to speak, like through a group or a mix. Are the inputs double patched main left right and through an audio group also patched to the main left right.
  8. Mike Caldwell

    Wireless IEM not getting one channel

    For the sake of testing plug the click into a channel that is sending to the IEM and see what happens. What channels are you using for the click and tracks? Are they assigned to the mix that you are using for the IEM?
  9. Mike Caldwell

    Crackling/Clipping issues on Monitors

    Ok not trying to be harsh but just stating the facts.... Your speakers are not the greatist and on top of that expecting an 8 or 10 monitor to attempt to do what it sounds like your expectations are is going to give your the results your getting. High passing the monitor mix outputs upwards to...
  10. Mike Caldwell

    new wireless mics

    Yep, don't know why I didn't think of looking at your profile!!! From a quick check it looks like you are still OK to use 600mhz bandwidth wireless mics, double check though locally! That being the case with a little Ebay ect. shopping you should be able to find people selling off their old AT...
  11. Mike Caldwell

    new wireless mics

    The mics "breaking down" may just be interference causing them to drop out since they are operating in the 600mhz bandwidth that is now 90% occupied with cell phone transmission. Where are you located
  12. Mike Caldwell

    Please help me identify a rackmount item

    I think it's a TC Electronics M or C series FX unit, the knobs and the front panel kind of look like those.
  13. Mike Caldwell

    How to make oscilloscope software work with High Definition Audio Codec?

    How do your tracks actually sound when played back through different speakers? Sometimes it's easy to get caught up on looking at screens and analyzers instead of listening. If your mixing on speakers/system that has a lot of low end, taking that same mix and playing it back on a smaller system...
  14. Mike Caldwell

    PA mix thru Monitors

    Far too often that is the main focus of a mix..kick and bass. Vocals are my top priority and on the top of mix.
  15. Mike Caldwell

    X32-s32 drop out

    Are you using end to end shielded cat5 cable between the stage box and mixer with ethercon connectors? Without a shielded cat5 cable connection between the stage box and mixer you will get just what you are describing.
  16. Mike Caldwell

    PA mix thru Monitors

    Keep in mind if the signer wants his volume boosted more than likely he wants the level of his mic brought up in the monitors while it may not need to brought up in the FOH main mix.
  17. Mike Caldwell

    Sennheiser g3 e100 radio mic. Nothing will switch on. Not the mic itself or the box/transmitter

    I think your mixing up the names/terms used to describe the equipment, I'm guessing what your calling the "transmitter box" is actually the receiver unit for the wireless mic. You said you purchased another "power plug" did you double check that it was the correct the voltage and the polarity...
  18. Mike Caldwell

    Soundcraft UI16 Tips

    For the looper question, how many inputs does your looper have? As Bob said take the needed input channels, assign them to an aux and use the aux output to feed the looper input, if your looper has multiple inputs use another aux with different inputs. On the looper return channels you do not...
  19. Mike Caldwell

    Configuring crossover - HOW?? 😅

    The quick settings would be something like........ Highs output for the DH1a's - high pass of 1100hz 24db LW cut off slope (when used as a theater system the crossover high pass was 500hz) Lows output for double 15 boxes - high pass of 40hz 24db BW - low pass 1000hz to 1100hz 24db LW. If you...
  20. Mike Caldwell

    Decision time: Digital or Analog (Behringer X32 + S16 vs analog snake and analog mixer + more questions

    I'll second Matt's suggestion on the Allen Heath QU Pac or the QU series in general. The app is easy to get around on and the QU series has a good auto mix function that could work well for your use.