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    Available in Houston

    Hey all, Just wanted to throw it out there that I am available in Houston just as a tech or providing a full sound system. Please email me or even contact me through here. The very basic breakdown of what I have is the following: 3- EV DC One DSPs 2- EV P1250 amp Highs 4- EV P3000 amp Mids/Subs...
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    [FS] Yamaha M7CL

    We are selling our youth rooms Yamaha M7CL in an attempt to downsize. We are looking to make a quick sell, downsize consoles and use the rest for our tech department. It is in used condition with one bad fader, everything else seems to be working fine as we use it multiple times each week. There...
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    [WTB] RCF Dealers

    Please send me your best price on: 2 RCF NX L24-A 2 RCF TTL11A-H 2 RCF TTL11A-B Thank you.
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    [WTB] Soundcraft, Atlas, Shure, QSC and Drum Iso Booth

    Hey all, we are upgrading a couple rooms at my church, I am looking for the best pricing on: (1) Soundcraft SI Performer 2 or 3 (1 pair) Shure paddle antennas for ULX P4 554-590mhz-J1 (2) QSC CX204V 4 channel 70V Amplifiers Atlas dealers please message me, I have a full list...
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    [WTB] In Ear monitors system

    Ive seen in the past where people are selling their used in ear monitor systems with the units and packs. A church I am doing production for is interested in buying a system. It would be ideal if it was a complete system 4 or more mixes. Racked up or not, I can do all the cabling for it. Please...
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    [WTB] Drum mics

    I am looking for the best deal I can find on: 1) Shure Beta 91a 3) Shure Beta 98 (new style or old style) OR 3 Beyerdynamic Opus88/TG-D52D OR Audix Micro D drum condensers All of these mics can be used as long as they work well. Open to other comparable mics. Evan
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    [WTB] Radios

    Does anyone have a pair (or maybe 2 pairs) of radios/walkie talkies with the clip on speaker/talk think? Im interested in 1-2 pairs of used radios or good deals on a pair of new ones. Evan
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    [FS] (4) Turbosound Flashlight speakers

    I have for sale 4 Turbosound Flashlight speakers. They are in pristine condition, Still have the badges on the front, all original drivers, original turbo blue paint. EP6 connectors and jumpers. I have not tested them, but they came out of a working environment. I was unable to get the rest of...
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    [FS] Midas F32, Roland, Klark Teknik package

    Alright I know that everyone is going digital. But I have an awesome analog console for sell. This Midas F32 has 24 Mono channels, 4 stereo channels, 4 busses and 6 auxes. Each mono channel has a very nice semi Paramteric EQ. Phantom power is selectable on each channel, High pass on each...
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    X32 won't power on.

    Brand new X32 had it on for about 2 hours listening to the new system..... Looked down and the console was off. Wont power on. I don't see any visible fuses and I'm not going to open it. Any ideas? We have changed power, changed iec, cable, let it sit for a while, NOTHING. Anyone from Behringer...
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    [WTB] Drop snakes

    Hey all. I am looking to buy some drop snakes. I am now working on my stage package, so I am looking for at least 4 USED 50ft drop snakes with the stage box (not just a loom). They do not have to be in perfect condition. I will probably repaint, swap out connectors and re-skin depending on...
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    [TECH] Need a tech in Sergeant Bluff, Iowa 6/28

    Hey folks, Some good friends of mine playing out in Sergeant Bluff, Iowa NEXT weekend, Saturday June 28th. The venue has a system but you need to be able to set it up and run it for the show. Only one band, super easy to work with. If anyone is out there and available please email me ASAP...
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    [URGENT] Tech and PA in Tukhancock PA

    Some of my good friends need a small PA system and sound man in Tukhancock PA this Saturday the 14th. If anyone can handle it or knows anyone up there please hit me up. Great guys (and gal) to work with! A good SOS (QRX115, SRX715) and sub per side with 17 channels will do. 4 Monitor mixes but...
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    [WTB] Midas F32 road case

    Anyone have a good deal on an F32 road case with a doghouse and casters? Gator dealers? Slim chance of finding one but I always check on the forums before I give my money to big retailers. Thanks you.
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    [WTB] Turbosound Milan M15 or M12

    Last weekend I had to put my M15s through the paces and pushed them hard, I was impressed so I want two more or to try out the M12s and it will give me 4 powered monitor mixes as well. I am looking for two used (or new?) of the previous style Turbosound Milan M15 to match my current...
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    [WTB] Midas Parts or servicing in Houston

    I have a midas console that I need some parts for, If you can get them for me or know anyone that can service this board locally please let me know! The console is an F32. Depending on cost I may just replace all the faders.... Evan
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    [WTB] Roland SDX 330 and analog toys

    I picked up some gear so I locked my other thread. Looks like I am picking up Roland SDE 330 dimensional space delay and SRV 330 dimensional space reverb, I would like to find a Roland SDX330 dimensional expander to round out the package. If you have any cool and fun pieces of gear you...
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    [WTB] Analog outboard

    So I have started a new project. I am building a small analog FOH for my own pleasure and personal use. I am looking for a couple good effects units, 4 channels of tube comps, and a quad gate. I am not looking for the BEST of the BEST. I am looking for gear that works, sounds good and that I...
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    [WTB] smallish passive 3 way boxes

    I am looking to buy 4-6 pole mountable passive 3 way speakers for SOS applications. Nothing extravagant nothing new. Think something like Turbosound TCS612s. (actually I would love Turbosound TCS612s) There there are 4 on ebay right now but the sell won't email me back, looks like they don't...
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    [WTB] In ear monitor rig, complete or partial.

    My lead vocalists wedge is loud enough to destroy a FOH mix in a medium club..... We are looking at going with in ear monitors, Does anyone have a rig with 4-5 in ear systems minus the molds? If its racked up an with antennas, a console split snake or any odds and ends thats even better but not...