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    15" mid/low mid horn driver suggestions to pair with ME 464

    If you’re successful in designing this I’d be very Interested if you could share your work as I’ve been trying to seek out assistance on the exact same project. I have ME464s that I want to put to use thay have been Patiently waiting and a horn like the PM90/60 would be ideal scaled up. Sent...
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    PMA - 60; New arrayable double 12 and horn.

    Just a little concerned we’ve not heard from Peter in quite some time on any of his threads. Sent from my iPhone
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    60 Degree DIY Mid Hi - AKA PM60

    I’ve searched through this thread and the original 90. Does anyone know where the HornResp data input parameters and resultant associated plots are for the Low Freq horn design? I wanted to play with it a little. I could not find a screenshot. Sent from my iPhone
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    B&C ME464

    Nick how are you making out with this?? I’m looking to have a box, similar to the PMs that gets the 100-400 range, 2 measly octaves, enough sensitivity and ultimately overall output capability to slightly exceed that of the 464, so that you can just maximize the output capability of the...
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    [TECH] Possible Fraudster alert? - Brand new member - messaging to buy -

    Also a very similar message to me from a Phill Daniel who joined 12/28 and has 1 post. @David Karol Sent from my iPhone
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    [TECH] Possible Fraudster alert? - Brand new member - messaging to buy -

    I got the same message for a Eminence 12” driver so had listed for WTB. Thanks for everyone who reported. Sent from my iPhone
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    New DIY Mid High (90deg) - AKA PM90

    This isn’t a PM specific question, but you guys will have the experience and data, I’m swapping out my XT1464 for HF950s to broaden the horizontal coverage in my HT LCR build I did a few years back. Switched from 1st gen 4594 to DCX464s and due to the high freq narrowing of the 1464 I’m...
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    B&C ME464

    For that definitely a CNC. And yes, indeed that will be the RL series of premium mid/hi! Thanks Robert I Was considering the 10NW76 or 10ndl64. Sent from my iPhone
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    B&C ME464

    Robert Thanks. I would be interested in seeing those drawings. I don’t personally have the talent to turn them into actual plans and measurements to make sawdust from but I’m sure I could find someone. The design looks very promising and exactly what I was looking for, a big PM464! Sent from...
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    B&C ME464

    Robert, just wondering if this plan ever went any further than here? It’s a great design. I have sourced the 464 horn and drivers. Now I’m looking for the best box design possible (ie a PM90 but with the 464). Sent from my iPhone
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    [WTB] WTB: Eminence Kappa Pro 12A Drivers

    Looking for good well cared for condition Eminence Kappa Pro 12A drivers. Shot in the dark but if anyone has any laying around I’d appreciate it. Sent from my iPhone
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    [FS] B&C 14NDL88 pair new now over 50% Off!

    bump Sent from my iPhone
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    New B&C dual 15" design

    Going to be designing and building the 464 flanked by 12ndl76s high passed for a mid hi. Direct radiating, possibly toed in a bit side by side sitting under the 464. We shall see how the prototype plays. It will NOT achieve very high output levels unless 4 12s are employed, which is possible. My...
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    [WTB] WTB: BMS 4594 Drivers

    I have three 4594s for sale. These are the 4594NDs. Sent from my iPhone
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    [FS] SOLD

    PM Sent Sent from my iPhone
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    60 Degree DIY Mid Hi - AKA PM60

    If anyone in the US is looking for lightly used 4594NDs and XT1464s please let me know. I may be able to help guide you in a good direction. Sent from my iPhone
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    [FS] FS: BMS 4594 Coaxials, QTY 3

    Bump, Price now 1275$ for all three. If you need the Passive OEM Crossovers, I have them and can add them into the deal. Also have three 18Sound XT1464 horns to go with these or three XR1464 aluminum horns (never used) to gk with these. These are a perfect match for the PM60/PM90 designs...
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    CNC wood shop in the Mid Atlantic for a small flat pack cutting project?

    Riley if you’re interested in building some PM-60/90s I’d be open to split the initial setup costs with you (or anyone else interested) Sent from my iPhone
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    CNC wood shop in the Mid Atlantic for a small flat pack cutting project?

    Thanks Brian. I’m in CT and looking for someone within a reasonable drive for some projects. I’m for sure going to call. Did he do that double 18 cab? Good find. Sent from my iPhone
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    PMA - 60; New arrayable double 12 and horn.

    Thank You sir. Just wanted to confirm. My next post will be that of the build. Pretty excited to get this going. Spent most of today tweaking and optimizing (hence the mm micrometer question). Drivers and horns are in for two cabs, picking up the BB tomorrow. Once the first is done and tested...