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  1. Jay Barracato

    I like to play little ball

    Had a show last night as part of my winter bluegrass series with one of the top tier bands. Room is a renovated timber framed milk barn. It comfortably holds about 130 people in theater style seating with about 25 of them on a small balcony. We call 130 a sell out, and had 120 last night. This...
  2. Jay Barracato

    Back on stage

    Well lately I have been getting the itch to move back to the performing end of the snake. Unfortunately, damage to my wrist makes it difficult to play guitar or bass for any length of time, so I figured I would work on vocals. As a FOH guy who sees a lot of cover bands I understand how...
  3. Jay Barracato

    Had too interesting trouble shooting situations.

    Yesterday, band came in that had 4 members on wedges, one on hard wired iems, and the last on wireless iems. They also had two channels of their own wireless mics. Right from the get go, one of the wireless signals just didn't seem right, brittle and on the edge of feedback without any...
  4. Jay Barracato

    Sound of Baja sexto

    I was mixing a norteno quartet, drum kit, bass, accordion, and Bajo sexto. I expected the Baja sexto to be rhythmic, kind of think. Instead, I had a really buzzy overdriven piezo sound through the di they requested. Is that the sound they are looking for? Unfortunately, my Spanish, their...
  5. Jay Barracato

    [WTB] Adj dealers: inno beam led

    Adj dealers. I am looking for a price on 2 adj inno beam led's shipped to 20657. Pm OK or jbarrac at Comcast net Sent from my XT1254
  6. Jay Barracato

    Physics geeking

    I would hope that everyone is familiar with the relationship that wavelength and frequency are inversely proportional and the constant is the speed of sound, Wavelength X frequency = speed of sound So the trivia question is How are these values ( if they are) changed by the transfer of the...
  7. Jay Barracato

    Breadboard basics.

    Does anyone have a favorite book of circuits that can be built by students to demonstrate different methods of signal control? Most of the high school sources I have seen are basically just switches and resistance. Double bonus points if it includes both multimeter and o-scope testing on the...
  8. Jay Barracato

    I bought a subwoofer

    For my home computer listening. It is next to my desk paired with my equator monitors. Is there something slightly off kilter if I use it as a place to put my beverage when working at the computer? Sent from my XT1254
  9. Jay Barracato

    App for math geeks

    I have been playing with a new to me app both on the web and Android called wolfram alpha. It is a powerful seeming calculus calculator that blows away even my TI emulators on my phone. The Android app is $2.99 from Google play, the online version is free. Sent from my XT1254
  10. Jay Barracato

    RIP Red Simpson Sent from my XT1254
  11. Jay Barracato

    Where in the universe?

    Should I start numbering the venue lights? On occasion I have been asked for our addresses because a band wants to run our installed lights off their controller. It seems to me their preprogrammed stuff likely has low addresses. Would it be an effective practice just to set mine high? Sent...
  12. Jay Barracato

    Strain relief nl2/ nl4

    Since it is unlikely I am going to change any musicians behaviors, is there any way to improve the strain relief on the nl connectors. I am having a repeated problem with musicians pushing crap over top of the cables and pulling the wires out. Sent from my XT1254
  13. Jay Barracato

    Extending a speaker cable.

    What is your preferred method for an inline splice to lengthen an installed speaker cable. I am moving a pair and it is not feasible to do a new home run to the amps. The cable is in the open at the speaker end. Sent from my XT1254
  14. Jay Barracato

    Contact with Stephen Pearcy's production manager

    Does anyone happen to have a current contact for Stephen Pearcy's current tour manager/ production manager/ or FOH? Sent from my XT1254
  15. Jay Barracato

    Best practices for paddle antennas and diversity receivers?

    What do you consider best practices for setting up paddle antennas for a diversity receiver? Spacing, placement, etc.? Sent from my DROID RAZR HD
  16. Jay Barracato

    System advice

    Hi I am new here and I am working on a new project. I have a 31 spline 8.8 inch ford differential and I was wondering what size radiator to get. Also I got a great deal on seats but they are grey. Is that going to be a problem? I heard someone else talking about alternators but I am getting a...
  17. Jay Barracato

    Free library of theater sound effects

    I am looking for a free library of basic sound effects for high school theater. Sent from my DROID RAZR HD
  18. Jay Barracato

    Snare bottom mic

    I am sitting here playing system tech and I was asked for a bottom mic for the snare. I usual don't mic the bottom and after a couple of songs I remember why. It seems that every sympathic vibration on stage causes a constant buzz sound which seems to sit right in the middle of the vocals...
  19. Jay Barracato

    Short conversation on stage

    Singer: the monitor sounds middy Me ( listening over his shoulder): No that sounds pretty even tonally but I can pull some mids if you want. Singer: I will try it this way Could it he that singer has never actually heard himself through a monitor that wasn't totally hacked up on the eq in...
  20. Jay Barracato

    Paddles for permanent install

    One small but nice venue I did a number of shows was rather limited for space on the stage wings (like none) and on several shows the SL monitor world that was already on the small side would sprout a forest of antenna paddles. Recently they added a new back curtain and a new set of lighting on...