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    Small Audio System needed in Los Angeles

    doing a last minute benefit gig on Sunday. Looking for a small digital console (X32, QL1, etc), 6 wedges on 3 mixes (K12s, etc), maybe a couple extra small boxes as fills and a pair of subs. Low budget, so I'm not expecting d&b or L'Acoustics. Hit me up if you can help
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    [FS] Audix, Shure mics

    4x Shure Beta 98 D/S - $125 ea or $425 for all 4 Audix OM6 - $125 Audix SCX-1 HC - $300
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    [FS] Sennheiser Wireless Gear (and two wired mics)

    Working with a touring client to sell an inventory of Sennheiser gear. Everything toured but has been well taken care of. The list and picture of gear is below. Contact me directly if you're interested: morepa [at] me [dotcom] *sale pending G2 IEM (1 transmitter and 1 G2 bodypack) -...
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    [WTR] 6 In-Ear Systems in/near Wilmington NC

    Need to rent 6 IEM systems in/near Wilmington NC. Sennheiser G2/G3/2000 or Shure PSM900/1000. If you've got 'em, get in touch!
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    [WTB] XTA or BSS (or similar) Speaker Proccessor. 2x4 Needed

    I'm looking for an XTA, BSS, or similar speaker processor for a small project. All I need is 2x4, but am not opposed to buying whatever gets me close. I would prefer the unit have AES input, but will drop that requirement for the right deal. I am NOT looking to buy a brand new processor...
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    [FS] MiniDSP OpenDRC Analog Version with 2x2 Plug In

    Selling my OpenDRC. First hardware version (silver chassis). These sell new for $299. If you're interested, hit me up with an offer. Free US shipping (via UPS)
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    [FS] Shure and Audix Mics

    I am selling off a handful of microphones. All have been well cared for Quantity discounts available when purchasing multiple items. Everything's located in Chicago, but I'll UPS for free to anywhere in the US. Please contact me privately if you're interested. 1x Shure Beta 91 - $150 Comes...
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    Midas Offline Editor 2.05 with Pro2 2.1.x

    I'm trying to pre-program a desk for an upcoming tour but have been told by the US support guys that they don't advise using the 2.05 editor for my desk which will be running 2.1.something. Has anyone had any experiences programming with the older offline editor and taking it to the newer...
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    [FS] Neumann TLM-193 - $950

    Selling my Neumann TLM193. It comes with the rigid stand mount (not the shock mount) and the accompanying wooden Neumann case. It's an awesome mic that I just haven't used much and would like to shift my resources to something new. Please PM if you're interested.
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    AKG DMS700 (and other digital mic systems) experience

    I have been demoing an AKG DMS700V2 system. We are enjoying improved audio quality over the previous AKG system we were using with our artist, but I am having RF stability issues with the mic. During each show I have used the mic on, I get drop outs (and the receiver notifies me of RF...
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    Multiple Antennae on IEM transmitter

    I've seen it done before, but I'm in a situation where I'd like to try it: I'd like to take the output from one IEM transmitter (Sennheiser G3) and send it to a paddle and into my GX8 (this is for my cue mix). I've been just using the paddle (or a small whip antenna) because I sit behind the...
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    Thanks to David Karol

    Special public thanks to David Karol for helping me make a horrible production day today in SF go better. We couldn't have pulled it off without you!
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    Out with new gear... VTX and Performance Manager

    Here are some pictures from my tour. We're carrying JBL's new VTX line array. It's really a leap forward for JBL. The boxes are very smooth and long gone is the annoying JBL midrange. There's also amazing HF extension with no noticeable distortion. I'm managing the arrays with...
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    OpenDRC from MiniDSP

    To replace my ailing Yamaha YDP-2006 parametric EQ, I purchased an OpenDRC from Largely purposed for home theatre enthusiasts doing “Digital Room Correction” this processor is a 2-in/2-out unit, 32-bit floating point SHARC DSP, running at 48k (although original specs promise a...
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    Speaker Stands (sticks)

    Looking to replace an inventory of really crappy stands and I wanted to see what the favorites were. They need to be able to support 2 powered VRX (about 100 lbs) or 1 HiQ (about 70 lbs).
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    Small In-Line Pad

    Our videographer needs a small in-line pad for the mic on his camera. Something like the Shure piece is great, but also very large. Anyone know of anything that's considerably smaller? It needs to pass phantom power.
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    Comm Headset Pinout

    I'm looking for the pinout for a standard Clear-Com or Production Intercom headset (4 pin XLR). Anyone got this info?
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    This tour's rig

    It's always fun to look at gear porn so here's some more. This is my monitor world for the next 6 weeks. Beside the console sits the most crammed racks I've seen in a while, but it's working out well. (The goal was to minimize footprint as much as possible)
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    LA8 Custom Library

    I'm familiar with loading a custom preset into the LA8, but is it possible for me to create a custom library (with 6 common custom presets) so it can be loaded into all LA-RAKs in inventory?
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    Digico SD11

    I've been test driving the Digico SD11 a bit recently and am quite impressed with all the features they've packed into such a small package. (Many here will know that I'm a Digico fan). For those of you that don't know, the SD11 is their smallest console. It can be rack mounted or sit on a...