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  1. Max Warasila

    Bheringer Inuke 3000 Protection Mode

    Yeah so basically, if you're getting the red lights only, you're pretty much screwed and need to get it repaired. I've got one I've been meaning to take apart and take a look at, but I'll probably just have to live with paying MUSIC Group for repairs.
  2. Max Warasila

    New DIY Mid High (90deg)
  3. Max Warasila

    New DIY Mid High (90deg)

  4. Max Warasila

    New DIY Mid High (90deg)

    The B&C design will almost certainly have better distortion characteristics. The impedance traces also clearly show a different design to the BMS. The B&C design also seems to promise a much nicer crossover region where both diaphragms work together, as opposed to the rather steep and sudden...
  5. Max Warasila

    Thoughts/ideas on a 21" ported horn sub

    Too much volume behind the driver. Reduce it about 150L.
  6. Max Warasila

    [WTB] WTB: BMS 4594 Drivers

    I still have one 4594HE.
  7. Max Warasila

    Live Audio Hacks?

    Audio wood.
  8. Max Warasila

    Thoughts/ideas on a 21" ported horn sub

    I'll add to Art's comment about port area by saying that the BR 21" design I'm currently working on has 1260 cm^2 of port area, and that's probably just about enough.
  9. Max Warasila

    JBL EON 600 Series Quality

    They're pretty meh - I wasn't impressed last time I listened to them. They've gone a far less harsh route with the new eon series as compared to the original. Not sure it can be beat for 300 dollars, though.
  10. Max Warasila

    DCX2496 bricked - unbrickable? (*SOLVED*)

    I have a unit that's has a *very* broken encoder wheel, so the software is a must.
  11. Max Warasila

    60 Degree DIY Mid Hi

    Get me FR and Z and I'll work something up, no problem.
  12. Max Warasila

    60 Degree DIY Mid Hi

    Hiya! I just took a look at the drawings I posted, and there is just about enough room to accommodate the DCX464 in my version of the 60 degree design, which is pretty close to Peter's original. Granted this is with the B&C 12NDL76 drivers, so my assessment is only valid for these. In the 90...
  13. Max Warasila

    help with aero port

    Build a prototype, start at 10" or so and chop off excess until the tuning is about right. You can check tuning by finding your impedance minima.
  14. Max Warasila

    B&C coaxials

    Would Thursday or Friday evening be better for you?
  15. Max Warasila

    [FS] sE Electronics V7, V7x, MC1

    Hi all, Bought these just to test them out, decided they were a side grade for me personally. eBay links are included, feel free to PM me for all three. $85 USD each. I actually did quite like the V7x, for what it's worth. I just want to make an upgrade explicitly. V7...
  16. Max Warasila

    B&C coaxials

    I'll be around the following weekend as well, but I'm working all of Saturday and most of Friday. Potentially next Thursday or Friday evening?
  17. Max Warasila

    B&C coaxials

    Hey, Riley. I've been eyeing the 14CXN88 for a wedge design for a few years now. I'd love to compare notes and or take a listen to what you have. I'll be in town Friday and Saturday this week if you're interested.
  18. Max Warasila

    60 Degree DIY Mid Hi

    Those dimensions aren't missing in the sense that you were never supposed to need them to complete the box. Those indentations were designed to be CNC routed, so dimensions were never made up. Any .dxf tool should be able to give you the dimensions you need, and the dimensions for the...
  19. Max Warasila

    New DIY Mid High (90deg)

    In the original design, there was a brace there. It should make nearly no difference within the driver's pass-band, as it's cross section and length are smaller than 1/2 wavelength at even 700Hz
  20. Max Warasila

    Electrovoice dc one

    I think you can just use the GUI tool to unlock it, or if nothing else reset it and start from scratch.