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    Need recommendations on the best CHEAP wireless lav system

    Thanks for the replies guys. I've been around the business for a while now and I know all about wireless. I knew their budget wasn't nearly what it needed to be for anything even considered "decent" in my book, but they were tired of renting and feeling like they threw money away every time...
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    Need recommendations on the best CHEAP wireless lav system

    Hey guys, haven't posted here in a while but still lurk from time to time. I have a local (very small) school that has asked me to help them order some wireless Lav systems to use for plays, graduation, sports banquets, etc. They will only be used 3-4x per year and don't have much budget so...
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    [WTB] Looking for Alesis TransActive. Dealers welcome.

    I'm looking for one of those Alesis TransActive powered bluetooth contraptions for a project I'm working on. Any dealers or anybody that has one to get rid of please PM me price + shipping to 30477. Thanks.
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    [FS] Audix OM7 Mics in Excellent Condition (4)

    Re: Audix OM7 Mics in Excellent Condition (4) Still available. Pics:
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    [FS] Audix OM7 Mics in Excellent Condition (4)

    I have 4 Audix OM7 mics in excellent condition with pouches. I've had these a few years now and only used them a handful of times. I don't have any pics of them right now but can get some by request. Looking to get $550 shipped for all 4. Thanks. Also I'm looking for 4-5 Chauvet...
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    [WTB] Where to find Allen & Heath MixWiz fader caps?

    So, when I got my mixwiz out of the trailer last gig, 3-4 fader caps were mysteriously missing....? All I can figure is they vibrated/bumped off? The mixer wasn't in a case at the time. Anyway, I saw a handful of random mixwiz pot and fader caps a few weeks a go and should've bought them, but...
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    Who's in Nashville?

    I'll be in Nasvhille at the end of this month (4/27 - 5/1) and was wondering if anybody is working there anywhere or can recommend anything to check out?
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    S16 Digital Snake Question

    I have a question about running 2 of the S16 digital snakes together. I don't need to know the in's and out's and exactly how yet, but I'll give a description of my situation, and I just want to know if this will work... I have an X32 and my trusty MixWiz 16:2. When I don't have the need...
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    What to look for in a bad active DI?

    Nothing jumps out at me on this one, though. Don't know where to start with it... Sent from my DROID RAZR 2
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    What to look for in a bad active DI?

    I do believe I found the problem with this one... Sent from my DROID RAZR 2
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    What to look for in a bad active DI?

    Bought a couple of the EWI active DI's from audiopile a couple years ago and both have bitten the dust. What would be the most likely thing to go out in these, and what should I look for if there is a simple repair?
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    [WTT] 4 Like New OM7 mics with pouches

    Don't have any pics right now, but I have 4 like new Audix OM7's with pouches. I've had them for 2-3 years but have only used them a hand full of times. I love the sound of them and the GBF but most of the acts I do won't stay up on them enough. Looking to trade for some other nice vocal mics...
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    Say What??

    $2000 headphones? LCD3 | Audeze "Planar Transducer" ? "Planar Transducers are fundamentally different from conventional cone speakers or dynamic drivers. Planar Magnetic speakers use a flat, lightweight diaphragm suspended in a magnetic field as the driver rather than a cone attached to...
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    [WTB] Alto SXM112a Coax Wedges - Looking for 3-4

    Hi guys. I'm looking for 3-4 of the Alto SXM112a coax wedges. Do any dealers have any IN STOCK? Everywhere I've been looking is saying 3-4 weeks and I need them by Memorial Day. Shoot me a PM or email donnie5336 at gmail dot com. Thanks.
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    Calling Dick Rees....

    Saw this place, Nye's Polonaise Room, featured on an episode of "Diners, Drive-In's and Dives" the other night. They also showed the house band, "The World's Most Dangerous Polka Band." I looked everywhere for you, Dick. Must have been your night off. :D
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    [FS] Yamaha 01v96v2

    Selling my 01v96v2, you know what it is. Excellent condition. No expansion cards. It does have the rack-mount rails installed. I have it listed on ebay for $1225 shipped, mainly that high in order to try and re-coup some of the ebay fees. If anybody here wants it, say $1100 plus actual...
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    [FS] ColorKey 24 Channel DMX Controller

    Been using this to control 16 Wiedamark LED Par64's and it's worked great. Just upgrading to a board that gives me a little more versatility. This board is great for a few Led Pars or few multi channel units, or would be a great 24 Ch standard dimming console for par cans. Don't have any pics...
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    [WTB] X32 Prices on ebay

    I'm putting this in the marketplace because I'm shopping. So any dealers feel free to shoot me a price because I will be purchasing one this week. I've been seeing ads on ebay for a brand new X32 and new Gator G-Tour X32 case with doghouse from Authorized dealers for $2999 or best offer...
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    Stacking QSC HPR181i subs?

    Has anybody ever stacked 2 HPR 181i subs? I have 2- 152i's, 2- 181i's and am in the process of purchasing 2- 153i's and 2 more 181i's. From what I've seen, having the 153i on top of one 181i sub isn't quite as high as i would like, so I was wondering about stacking the 181i subs. I know the...
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    Pretty cool youtube find...

    Water & Sound experiment... Cool Sound and Water Experiment! - YouTube Amazing Water & Sound Experiment #2 - YouTube