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  1. Jim Richards

    [WTB] Any old boneyard DBX 480's out there looking for a home?

    Looking to buy / trade / whatever a couple old DBX 480's as backups / parts units. We're still using these on our B & C systems and they work well for us...yeah, go ahead, laugh...but we've got them sounding sweet with our rigs, but they're aging and may need some TLC and DBX is no help as...
  2. Jim Richards

    Soundcraft MH3 Service Info

    Would anyone be kind enough, if they have the service manual for a Soundcraft MH3, to send me a scan of the section of the prints (schematics) that relate to the headphone circuitry? I've got one at a local bar that's taking out cans and I can't seem to find any service prints for that section...
  3. Jim Richards

    Reviews or comments on Australian Monitor Boxes?

    I'm wondering if anyone out there has had any experience with or comments about Australian Monitor boxes, more precisely, their XRS12P. Looking at using them for wedge duty on small stages. Any and all comment are welcomed!!