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  1. Max Warasila

    [WTB] Audio Technica AT3031

    All, Been looking for some of these. If you have some that you're trying to get rid of or spot them for sale, please PM me or send me an email. Will pay a fair price for the. Thanks in advance.
  2. Max Warasila

    Compression Driver Horn Design

    Does anyone have pointers on where to start for foundational knowledge here? Also, what tools are available for the simulation of such devices? Only thing I really know I can look at is Acoustics by Beranek, which is fine, but the ultimate goal is to construct a CD type horn, and Acoustics...
  3. Max Warasila

    [FS] sE Electronics V7, V7x, MC1

    Hi all, Bought these just to test them out, decided they were a side grade for me personally. eBay links are included, feel free to PM me for all three. $85 USD each. I actually did quite like the V7x, for what it's worth. I just want to make an upgrade explicitly. V7...
  4. Max Warasila

    PLD 4.2 Input Clip Before Output Limit

    Hi, all! I'm having a strange issue with the QSC PLD 4.2 amplifier we are using to drive 4 Danley Nano Cubes for a theatrical production. For some reason, the input clips long before the output even reaches the limiter, which is kind of wild in my mind, since the Nano's are limited at 20W/12V...
  5. Max Warasila

    Link style formatting is unrecognizable.

    If I put an inline link here, in my browser there is no change in formatting that would suggest that it is a link, or at least are very slight. This means that links that are on text other than a really obvious are impossible to find without placing the cursor over it. Could this be changed in...
  6. Max Warasila

    [FS] BMS 4594HE (& bonus crossover!)

    Bought one (1) to test out my build of Peter's DIY Mid Hi. I don't plan on building anything in the near future where this driver is the best compromise for the design, so I'd like to move on from it. It's the 16 ohm version, and in perfect condition. I also have the passive crossover for it...
  7. Max Warasila

    Impedance Measurements in ARTA

    Hi, all. I finally made a little impedance measurement setup in LIMP today, and I'm getting some surprising results. First, when I measured one of the B&C 12NDL76 drivers I had from the DIY Mid Hi project, it showed an Fs of 58Hz, which is markedly higher than spec. I went on to double check the...
  8. Max Warasila

    JTR Noesis 3TX Port Geometry

    Does anyone know how the 3TX port is formed? It doesn't seem like it has enough space for the path length required, and I also don't understand how the length works given the angled cabinet past about 10cm deep into the cabinet from the front. Thanks in advance.
  9. Max Warasila

    Surface Mount Components for Crossover PCB

    Hi, Is this feasible? Why or why not? What limitations/issues does this approach have? Thanks in advance.
  10. Max Warasila

    [WTB] Solid Bench Amplifier

    Want to buy a decent amplifier for testing out some of my loudspeaker designs. Was looking at Peavey CS amplifiers in particular, but I'm flexible. Any old metal amp will do. PM or email at [email protected]
  11. Max Warasila

    [FS] Sennheiser e935

    Selling off my old e935. Good condition, sonically perfect. $125 shipped anywhere in the continental US.
  12. Max Warasila

    Cabinet Dampening Foam..?

    All, I am quite disenchanted with the polyester fillers I have used in the past. I had a look into a d&b Q10 a while back and noticed that it had foam in it, rather than a more conventional dampening material. Does anyone have any ideas what this is, if it works, and how realistic it is for a...
  13. Max Warasila

    Earset Bodypack Gain

    For those of you who normally use wireless earsets in a theatrical setting, how do you go about determining the proper gain at the bodypack. I've been fiddling with it off and on over the last few months and found that, surpisingly, lower is often better than expected. Any thoughts? My theory is...
  14. Max Warasila

    [WTR] Double 18 Sub

    Looking for one front loaded double 18 sub for tomorrow. No tech needed, just dry rental. Let me know if you have something available. Email me at: [email protected]
  15. Max Warasila

    Music Group Website Timeouts

    Has anybody else had issues reaching the music group webpages recently? I haven't been able to access their site for over a month now and am not sure what else to check. The rest of my copy of the internet works perfectly.
  16. Max Warasila

    [FS] Analog Equalizers and MicroVerb III

    Hi all, I collected some assorted stuff over the first few years of getting into audio and now that I use digital consoles 99% of the time I find that I won't but occasionally pull out one of these units. Just trying to find them a new home. The ME 15 is in excellent condition, as it was...
  17. Max Warasila

    [FS] SM7B

    Used to use this all the time, but nowadays I rarely find a use for it. It's got some minor cosmetic wear and tear on it but otherwise is in great condition and still sounds just as good as it did on the day it arrived. 300USD OBO shipping included within the lower 48 states. Hoping it finds a...
  18. Max Warasila

    Strange Amazon Item

    A few people were befuddled by it so I did everyone a favor and bought the last one.
  19. Max Warasila

    EV QRx Tunings

    I've got a pair of QRx 75/115s that I've been meaning to tune, but EV support has proved rather difficult to get a hold of this past week. Does anyone have passive tunings for them they'd be willing to pass on? PM or email at [email protected] Thanks in advance.
  20. Max Warasila

    A little humor

    Go on, man... ask her out already!