15" mid/low mid horn driver suggestions to pair with ME 464

Kevin McDonough

Jan 3, 2016
hey all

A friend who's just bought over a small speaker brand picked up a B&C DCX454 and the rather large ME 464 horn, really just because he was interested in using it and having a play.

I've been looking at designs for it. We had a look at the Youtube video B&C made where they use it with two reflex 15s. The cab is really huge, and while we could make it a bit smaller by using different 15s that didn't need so much rear chamber space, you can only cut the chamber down by so much because of the depth of the horn. We had our eye on drivers that would work really well, but we got into the opposite situation where they needed too small a chamber, and we couldn't get the chamber small enough without a lot of wasted space in the cab.

I then tried hornloading quad 12s, and while the horn path could be made to work, again the chamber becomes too big. It needs to be a big chunky square cab to be able to fit the 12s in pairs side by side at the back, so again there's only so much you can do to cut down the chamber before you're just having to have the 12" in their own sealed areas, and have a lot of wasted space in the cab.

Next thing to try is going to be to try some hornloaded 15's. I'm thinking a layout taking some inspiration from Peter's PM90/60 cabs: 15's at the back on two horn paths wrapping round above and below the chamber. The advantage of this over quad 12's in the same format is that only having a 15" driver at the back (rather than side by side 12s) means you can make it trap shaped and do a much better job of shrinking the chamber down. Idea is to have the cab barely bigger than the 15s at the back, and opening up to be big enough for the mouth of the ME 464 horn at the front.

I'm trying out a few different 15's just now to see what ones may work hornloaded like this, but wondered if people had any suggestions for suitable drivers?

if it can be made to work, looking at a horn path something like 70-80cm long, and I'm hoping to keep the mouth of each part of the horn to about 1700-1800 sq cm (so maybe 3600 combined mouth area, definitely 4000 max) to keep the cab somewhat of a reasonable size.

If you’re successful in designing this I’d be very Interested if you could share your work as I’ve been trying to seek out assistance on the exact same project. I have ME464s that I want to put to use thay have been Patiently waiting and a horn like the PM90/60 would be ideal scaled up.

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