Adapting soundbar to provide audio from organ to dead zone

Harlan Garbe

New member
Feb 13, 2020
Our church organ is designed with 2 isolated audio channels. I know almost nothing about music or instruments but have been asked to help out on a problem. The two channels of sound are to be kept separated and each use separate speakers. The amp output is 8 ohm on each channel. There is a small balcony and the organ is above it. The only speakers are the internal ones which do fine for
the most part. But the area under the balcony has a marked lower organ sound level which people want to have louder.

So my plan is to use a TV sound bar's speakers only to fill in this low volume zone. I would love to use a powered soundbar but can't for various reasons. It needs AC power which isn't available and too expensive to install. I'm also not happy with having to turn it on and set right input etc every Sunday plus someone is most likely to mess with it some time and result in me having to go and fix it every time. Also a soundbar is a nice design, size and shape for the location . Also it is designed to have the two inputs (stereo) needed..

I'm concerned about how to attach these speakers to the existing ones and not create a impedance mismatch. I will be working with going from one speaker system to another. In between I need to tolerate some change in input volume, as the organist changes volume to a degree. Also I will want to maybe adjust that volume up or down depending how the sound level ends up sounding under the balcony.. All this needs to be at the lowest possible cost. In addition I will maybe need some help taking apart a soundbar and bring out the speaker wires to connect to and if there is some passive way to incorporate the center channel speaker if there is one.
Thanks very much and move this post to where it should best be placed.

Chris Hindle

Apr 18, 2011
Does the organ have an "Aux output", "External Amplifier" or "Remote Speakers" jack?
I would NOT be splicing into the internal speaker wiring....