Alcons Audio

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Feb 14, 2019
Alcons Audio is bringing its award-winning Pro-Ribbon Immersive Experience to Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) 2020 and, as usual, enabling visitors to experience the remarkable sound quality at high SPLs of the company’s pro-ribbon sound systems. New products also will be previewed to highlight the next generation of the company’s evolutionary audio solutions.
“We are making sure that this year will be one to remember, with both on-and off-site demonstrations showing why Alcons pro-ribbon solutions have become a byword for high end audio excellence in a very wide range of applications.” Tom Back, Alcons Audio.
Partners for this year’s Pro-Ribbon Immersive Experience are Sony for projection, Storm Audio for processing, ShowTex for acoustics and DreamScreen for the screen technology.
Located at Booth 6-K160, the Pro-Ribbon Immersive Experience will feature all-digital, lossless signal distribution from source to amplification, in a 11.x.8 surround configuration. The system will...

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