Allen Heath QU 24.

John Chiara

Jan 11, 2011
Troy, NY
QU 24
Got called to mix a show on a QU 24 last weekend....the band's Presonus StudioLive had been damaged by a brownout...they thought.
I am an X32 man...never touched a QU.
Faders felt good. One channel had a select button that would not work unless you hit the solo button on and off. I was not up on how to set up custom levels on the console or iPad app so I realize I was a bit crippled. It appeared, that when output mixes and FX were chosen the channel faders go into sends on fader mode....not sure if this is can be modified but falls into the category of 'dangerous' to me. If 'L-R is NOT are not controlling channels to main outputs. I do not like these kind of setups,,,,ala Mackie digitalis and the Behringer X-Air series. scribble strips! Had tape on the board in a very dark space...not good for me.
I mix mostly on iPad on the X32 these days and I also dislike the 'scrolling' setup of many iPad apps. The QU iPad app actually let's you scroll freely...not in groups...BUT... It greys out the channel controls until the app stops scrolling....a whole second or more delay from the time you stop scrolling until you can move a fader. I much prefer the X32 app method of choosing the group of 8 by tapping the meter display at the top of the well as the display of ALL inputs and outputs on the same meters during all operating modes.

FX seem limited and no plug ins were available....although FX can be inserted. I ended up using FX sends as I could not get the FX returns to work. I am sure just my being unfamiliar with the setup.
Comps and gates worked pretty well and were easy to get adjusted.
I am sure others can tell me ways to make the workflow better.

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Re: Allen Heath QU 24.

On the I PAd app there are three custom layers that can be anything you need.. I usually put drums-percussion on one.. Instruments on two and Vocals on three.. It's instant between the three layers. No waiting a second for the faders to engage.

Edit: You didn't have time to dig into the effects but you can edit them very well. Same with the comps and gates. It's a very good although simple console, and really good for first time users