[FS] Amp Rack I/O Panels

Geoff Doane

Nov 19, 2011
Halifax, NS
I reconfigured a couple amp racks over the summer, and these panels were left over. I'm pretty sure I'm not going to use them again, so I might as well try and sell them to someone who will.

These are both basically the same, meant to power two stereo amplifiers, and bring their inputs and outputs out to a panel. Power is on PowerCon connectors with a loop-through output. There are two duplexes on the inside of the rack. Inputs are doubled with female and male XLRs in parallel and ground lifts on the pin 1 going to the amps. The four outputs are on Speakons, with two for each channel, and are fed from a single (2-channel) Speakon on each amp.

These panels were built at different times, so there are some minor differences between them. One has switches for linking input channels, and the other has a neon pilot light for power and 20A duplexes.

Because of the length of the cables on the panels, you probably want to mount them in the back of the rack, either behind the amps in a deep rack, or above in a standard depth rack. The panels are both 3 RU high.

I'd like to see $100 each for these, which is about what I'm into for the connectors. Shipping and GST/HST, if applicable, is extra.

Private messaging seems to work, so you can contact me that way if you're interested.


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