Anyone know a VST with these kinda pad sounds on it (links enclosed....)

Christopher Burke

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Jun 21, 2018
Brighton Sussex UK
Dear Anyone.


My DAW's 32-bit - it's notation and I actually UNDERSTAND notation - I've tried Ableton Live and Fruity Loops and I think I'm too stooopid for those things - I just don't 'get' them. But Quick Score Elite works great for me, it just doesn't come with any sounds, it relies totally on the VSTs you give it. I'm a disabled wannabe New Age composer and I LURVE all the backing sounds in the above links (and many others like 'em) but I've got zero idea where they come from. I'm pretty sure they must be available in sound libraries but I keep buying 'pad libraries' and they're all nightmare aliens, 'Jovian Bullfrogs', 'Dracula's Dream', two real names of presets in the 'pad sets' and the others sound just as bad. (I know about Dorico and Sibelius 64-bit but they're £500 and £700 which is wahaay outta my league.)

Anyone know of anything - I have JBRIDGE - with a nice, fat library of sounds - call 'em pads or whatever - of the above example's quality in? Got Serum, tried loads of presets, it can't come close to these sounds AFAIK. Even if they're bits of sounds I can piece together that's great, old 32-bit libraries incredibly welcome (where to buy them, not after freebies unless they're LEGIT freebies) Anything!

I've been told 'get sounds, increase attack, shove on tons of reverb' but when I try doing that I just get weird messes, not results like these. One prob. is if they're doing that, what library/ies are the original sounds coming from (I royally suck at programming sounds from scratch, am trying to learn, need a bunch like the above to keep me going.)

Any ideas anyone?

Yours a leetle pathetically(!)