[FS] ATI MM100 Match-Maker

Rob Bernstein

Oct 23, 2013
Framingham, MA
Audio Technologies Inc. MM100 Bi-directional Stereo Interface
Keep your audio crisp and clean while matching up consumer and pro equipment. The MM100 matches both level and impedance, has transformer balanced outputs, is bi-directional and offers both XLR and RCA connections for input and output. Forget problems with loading, distortion, hum loop, RF pick-up, and high frequency roll off. The Match-Maker solves these problems with less than 0.02% THD, 20Hz to 20kHz with +0/-0.25dB response, and over 98dB of dynamic range.
In excellent condition, pulled from a professional studio, has been in storage for the past 10 years. $125 shipped in the CONUS.

“The MM100 is a bi-directional interface which bridges a stereo pair of 600 ohm balanced
or unbalanced, +4dBm lines and converts those signals to a nominal .25 Volt (-10dBu)
level to feed, for example, the record inputs of a consumer cassette or reel-to-reel tape
recorder. Simultaneously the MM100 also converts the unbalanced, stereo, .25 Volt
playback outputs from tape deck to a transformer balanced, floating +4dBm, 600-ohm
professional line level. The MM100 RCA connectors may also be jumpered for use as a
two channel 600 ohm Line Amplifier, a two output Distribution Amplifier or a Mono
Summing Amplifier.
The MM100 is packaged in a rugged, compact steel enclosure.
All controls and connectors are recessed for protection and their identification markings
are printed on the protected reverse side of a heavy-duty polycarbonate overlay. All
power supply components are internal and are well shielded by the steel wrap-around.
Keyhole slot mounting angles are supplied with the unit to assure secure mounting to
shelves and desks. An accessory rack panel mounts one or two units side-by-side in a
single 1-3/4 inch rack space.”