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Mar 1, 2018
Ventnor, NJ
ASHEVILLE, NC (1.11.22)—Austin Ridge Bible Church is a multi-site non-denominational church consisting of three campuses. When its new flagship Bee Cave Campus opened earlier last year with a 2,500-seat auditorium, Austin Ridge chose a d&b audiotechnik KSL system for their main PA needs. The church is contemporary in nature with a full band and multiple vocalists in addition to several worship leaders and singers. On a given week, it could include drums, bass, two electric guitars, acoustic guitar, keys, and up to 5 singers.
“Our early design effort included matching the room shape and acoustics to the church’s program,” states Ryan Knox, Idibri.  “The initial technology design effort included developing audio, video, and lighting systems that were coordinated with each other and accommodated in the architectural and structural design of the building.  And after careful consideration and suggestions, the church chose the d&b KSL-Series.” The system was developed by Idibri...

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