AV as a managed services

Jan 14, 2011
San Francisco, CA
Have any of you worked in a setting where your relationship with a client began with an installation project but continued longterm for event support? I'm looking into the viability of pitching AV installation/design services as part of a "you don't have to worry about any aspect of technology operations in your [non-technology focused] business" package, which would involve a partnership with some people who are handling the IT/access control side of things.

For context, this would be for retail businesses (and their offices) primarily rather than performance venues.

Jeff Babcock

Jan 11, 2011
Ontario, Canada
I have seen this a few times in the retail side, though more commonly in hotels and performance venues.
Should be a pretty straightforward arrangement provided you really nail down what is in and out of scope, and the related terms and conditions of the agreement (likely an MSA - Master Services Agreement). There are lots of examples you can pull from that don't need to be audio specific to be relevant to your needs.

Make sure to involve a lawyer before finalizing anything.