CL5 and monitor mix not working

Charles Brooks

New member
Apr 3, 2019
So we have a CL5 connected to our network. (i'm also an IT tech) all the static info is set on the mixer We have a wireless hub setup with an sid that is not broadcast. I can take my laptop and connect to this wireless network. I can ping the IP address of the CL5 and it all good. I can also ping the IP that the wireless issues my phone. So this tells me that my phone and the cl5 should be able to talk to each other. I can pull up the mix app on my phone and it will never find the cl5. another one of our FOH guys even ran a network discover tool on his phone and it shows the CL5 with the correct IP and all. This was working several months back, but can not see anything that has changed.

This weekend I'm going to setup a wireless router just for the CL5 bypass all the church network structure just to see if it will work..