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Taro OSullivan

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Sep 23, 2023
Los Angeles
We're weekend warriors to be sure. We play college theaters seating 400 mostly. Largest was 1500. We have 8-18s, 4 mid horns, 4 high horns. We are a classic rock tribute and use a 40ch Allen and Heath GL2800, tri-amped passive speakers and old fashioned effects, eq etc. I have a three way crossover, but also have a DBX Driverack2. I should be able to use this gear as a cross over as well as using it to manage my speakers right? Thank you for your input.
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Art Welter

Jan 11, 2011

Yes, the DBX Driverack2 can be used for loudspeaker management from any era, including your 1970s/1980s speaker collection.

The manual explains the functions, like parametric EQs, limiting, and driver alignment delays on each output with independent crossover filter and frequency selection for each bandpass.
If you utilize all the features properly, you could improve the sound and output of the system compared to an analog crossover that does not have those features.
If not properly "dialed in", you could make the system sound far worse.

Best to tune the system outdoors to avoid room influence on response.

The two different types of 18" drivers and cabinets have different box tuning frequencies and frequency response, so could use different EQ and high pass filters.

The two different types of mids (ported, not ported) could use different EQ and time alignment at the low to mid crossover point to optimize response.

The two different high horns are probably more similar depending on drivers, "close, but no cigar" as they said at the carnival.

The proprietary AutoEQ™ is almost useless- usually results in a bizarre equalization that works in only one place in the room.

The subharmonic synthesis should also be avoided, don't need vocals sounding like Darth Vader and bass and kick adding more content below what the old 18"s can produce.

Have fun !

At the very least your going to need a four way crossover and as Art mentioned some proper adjustment to get that speaker stack to kind of all work together.
A dust rag wouldn't hurt either!!

You may be a classic rock tribute band but that does not mean you need to use a "classic rock" PA system.
How many channels are you using at a show?
There are lot of digital mixer options available today.
On the Gl2800 I noticed a lot of channels all assigned to all the sub groups and the main LR mix, that was thing to do some parallel processing and or a bump in level, also noticed that the sub groups don't look to be assigned to the main mix.
Are you doing that for zone routing or something?
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Paul OBrien

Apr 8, 2014
Yes you could use the driverack to process that PA and it will do a much better job of it than the analog crossover once you have everything dialed in.

I see 2 different 3-way stacks there... so 1ea 218/mid/high in each stack, best not to mix different boxes together and try to use it as shown in the picture.

Hats off to you if you are prepared to move all this big-heavy gear... not many would these days, and I understand if you don't want to spend any money at this point, but just so you know you could replace ALL of that electronics(mixer and the outboard rack) with something you can carry around in one hand. That would be a stagebox digital mixer of course, if you still want a physical control surface there are lots of options there too but even that would be quite a bit smaller and easier to move than GL.

Scarlett Rose

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Sep 8, 2023
Cool old horn loaded cabs. I used to drag around a Pair of Cloned JBL 4520 2x15 scoops about 17-18yrs ago, not flat at all but a cool kick drum sound they did and great fun getting in and out a box truck with no ramp.

Paul Johnson

Oct 27, 2012
Well - Led Zeppelin were happy with this for quite a while. So you could use almost any PA if you want authenticity and less than wonderful.


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Scarlett Rose

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Sep 8, 2023
What about setting up one stack 2x18 sub/mid horn/HF horn as drum PA and second set as instrument/vocal PA per side. Duel PA setup. Maybe assign the Kick drum to both PA's(if it sounds better that way). But then figuring out how to physically stack that is an issue too.
Problem I see is allot of horn loaded mids(EAW MH102, Altec VOT etc...) need to be crossed over at 250Hz. Not so sure the 18's will play well up there. And the mixing Horn and front loaded cab thing.
If it were me I would sell one set of mids one set of horns. Buy 4x SP-2s use 2 a side put like subs on each side crossover 2 way(obviously adjusting each side to suit the differant subs).Then use the remaining mid horn and HF as cross wash monitors High Passed at 250Hz, unless you allready have wedges, then sell those mid/HF too.
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